The state of affairs at Mythicbells …

Once again, a post well over due.  Most of you keep up with Jitterbug through her over abundance of videos (sorry, I just can’t stop — she’s doing something cute every waking moment), so I won’t have to say much about her except that she is a pure joy.  She’s doing very well and is now out and about around the house.  She’s still a little young to go out in the enclosure, but I’ll introduce her to the great outdoors in the next couple of weeks.  She has her first vet appointment scheduled the second week in November.  All of the other kitties are also doing well.

I wish I could say the same for my desktop computer.  Fortunately I have the laptop as a back up, but the main computer has been getting weaker and weaker and sicker and sicker.  It will still run Kitty Cam if I tread softly and don’t ask it to do anything else.  SO, I figured that was an adequate excuse to get a new computer.  It should be arriving this week!  Hopefully getting it set up won’t derail every thing else I’m doing, but computers have a habit of doing that.  Anyway, it will be fun to have a shiny new computer!

Now, for an in-progress report on THE PROJECT.  “The Project” has not completely gone by the way side.  I find that days go by when I can’t seem to get to it, but it is moving forward slowly.  I put in a very productive hour or so on it today and decided to take photos and let you see what’s happening:

Final design for the upper cabinet, glass door frames

The two doors--half done. Two previous designs were started and painted over as failures.

The outside of the 'desk' slab that folds down. It's about half done - the gray areas will be filled in with the light blue 'stuff.' The dark area is not black, but a very dark blue.

The project as a whole. The drawers got their first coat of blue paint today. I have no idea of what kind of design will be on the drawers or the sides of the cabinet.


10 responses to “The state of affairs at Mythicbells …

  1. They’re lovely – I wonder if your blog helps to keep you on your toes? i.e ‘on task’ ? Might be good for some of us!
    Jitterbug/Jujuba is the most delightful, darling creature. So lucky, the family waiting for her.

  2. ooo Molly
    Exciting post… JuJuBahs videos are absolutely entrancing – especially her coming to grips with the green rachtrack. I think she will hop over the hump herself before she gets the ball over…but its clearly a hit.

    Payling with adult kitty’s tails MIGHT be feasible if its Mom, but unlikely to go down well with the others… but she will no doubt have to learn that lesson herself…

    As to ‘The Project’ thanks for shring progress…which is as fascinating (or even more) than seeing the final product ‘just so’ As always I am in utter awe of your multitude of talents. I would be very lucky to get ONE coat of thick white gloss on it, if I took 10 years!

    Hope I’m still first to the post even after rambling on…

  3. Molly,
    I am in total awe of your talent and energey. Looks like it will be just lovely when finished.

  4. Molly…you are so incredibly talented! I’m always in awe of your creativity! 😀

  5. Sure wish I had you close by; you could teach my hubby a few things. Nice work.
    Oh, and I forgot to say that you amaze me!!!

  6. The Bureau is looking good Molly, looking forward to the final finshing touches in time. Jitterbug is so sweet and gentle looking, she always brings a smile to my face watching her videos daily, thank you for the privilage of so many. 😀 Good Luck with your new computer.

  7. Nice work, Molly. I love your sense of color, and especially like the design on the desk-slab thing. What type of paints are you using?

    JuJuBa absolutely kills me, needlesstosay, and i find her quite innovative for exploring the interior of the green race track.

    The mama-baby combo is the cutest thing i have ever seen. =D

    • DC, I’m using the paints left over from the floor project for the most part, but I did have to buy some dark blue … they are all just the craft acrylic paints you can get at Michaels Arts & Crafts store…. the primer and the purple on the interior are spray enamel from Home Depot… For the final clear gloss varnish when I’m done I’ll use spray again ….

  8. Thanks Molly for another interesting post. The project looks as if it’s coming along great, you are progressing well with it. If I had a distraction as beautiful and endearing as Jitterbug/Jujuba, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else, so well done. I love watching the videos, so just keep them coming, that’s fine with me.
    Thanks for keeping us up to speed.

  9. molLY – i had no idea you were ensconced in this ‘project’… i shall keep you on task from now on as i am looking forward to seeing the final product. way to go, girl. i’ve got one for you next… LOL

    have you decided to keep the bug yet? ahahahahaha

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