Jitterbug is 6 weeks old today

Today’s camera download:


6 responses to “Jitterbug is 6 weeks old today

  1. She is so sweet. Looks like a little stuffed toy. Thank you Molly for all the joy you bring to us.

  2. Echo what Sim has said.
    Also those two pics of ‘Potted Sahara’ are also priceless. I never see these at Garden Centres over here – can’t think why?


  3. Ditto what Sim and Bobin said! 😀

  4. Always beautiful and splendid! My kisses for all kittens! Greetings and thanks to you!

  5. Beautiful !!! …I am sure Mum is going to really miss her when she goes to her forever home – and I am sure we all will also.

  6. Happy 6 weeks to you Jitterbug. I have been looking back at videos of your mother when she was a baby and first came to live with Molly….. how like her you are.
    Sending lots of love and kisses.

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