Letter to Gypsy Rose fans …

I’ve received repeated posts to include photos and videos of Jujuba with the older kitties, especially Gypsy Rose.  One person has even threatened a hunger strike should I not produce such!  Here is my letter …

Dear Gypsy Rose Fan,

I hope you will not get too hungry.  😀

It’s important to understand cats… if that’s possible.  I know they can be silly creatures. Gypsy Rose, along with all of the other cats, are in the phase of hissing at the little kitten whose been guarded by her ferocious mommy (Sequoia) for the past five weeks.  They see the little fluff ball and get scared because mommy is always near-by ready to pounce.  Gypsy Rose used to love all kittens when HER mommy was Queen at Mythicbells and Gypsy Rose was allowed to crawl into the nest with her younger brothers and sisters and help tend them, but when Tiny Bear retired and Sahara took over as Queen, that all changed.  At first Gypsy Rose tried to continue her nanny duties under the new Queen’s rule, but was often attacked and growled at.  So now when she sees a kitten, she remembers that and she hisses and growls and is no longer the sweet natured nanny towards them.  She has, in fact, formally tendered her resignation as Super Nanny.  As you know, she is simply irreplaceable, so management has not bothered to interview new applicants.

As Jujuba gets older and the other kitties get used to seeing her out and about without her mommy hovering near-by in attack mode, they will tolerate her better.  A few might even play with her a bit, but I wouldn’t expect too much.  You can imagine the bravery of this tiny tyke as she ventures forth.  A few days ago, she found herself at the far end of the hallway from nursery, mommy, and the safety of the kitten hole with Gypsy Rose and Kalahari laying in the hall directly in her way.  I can only guess at what this must have looked like to little Jujuba as she decided to run the gauntlet with those two behemoths across her path.  She started her little toddle down the hall — slowly — carefully skirting each enormous, hissing monster as she went.  She slipped around Gypsy Rose, then dashed through the kitten hole.  The behemoths didn’t move.  They won’t hurt her, but how daunting they must be, looming over tiny Jujuba, hissing like rattle snakes.

Here’s a couple of photos taken during Gypsy Rose’s reign as Supper Nanny:

Gypsy Rose with little brother from 2006 litter

Gypsy Rose with a kitten from the "E" litter just before she retired

Below is a gallery of Gypsy Rose through the years.  She was born in Mythicbells’ very first litter on Halloween, 2005.  I kept her hoping she would have kittens, but after 3 years of trying, I decided to have her spade rather than risk infections that un-spade, un-bred queens are subject to.  You can certainly see why she is a favorite of everyone.


19 responses to “Letter to Gypsy Rose fans …

  1. Great post Molly and it is so true that it will take her awhile to adjust to the bigger kitties. Sequoia has been a true gardian of her as she should be. The photos of GR are wonderful too. Time marchs on and kitties change as well as people as we get older. Thanks for all you do.

  2. i have two questions about gypsy rose

    1. when she was a kitten, did you have any indication that she would grow up to be such a floof-monster? i mean, was she fluffier than most kittens?

    2 does she still walk on a leash?


    • Yes, early on, I knew GR would be very floofy and I groomed her daily with that in mind. It seems to have worked as she is fairly easy to work with… and yes! She still walks on a leash. She LOVES to go out front (outside the enclosure) on a leash… of course the term “walk” is relative… but she is really quite fearless and loves the outing. I need to do that more often with her.

      • At my house we call that “going out for a drag,” because kitties like to stop and inspect everything, and end up being dragged to coax them to continue walking (this is more Opossum than Mickey, because Mick is so scared of everything little thing, we don’t take him out on a leash unless it’s to the vet or something). But Opossum LOVES to go out and sniff everything!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of GR. I really am sorry that she had to give up her job as Super Nanny. The kitties do not know what they are missing.

  4. Love the pics of baby GR! I want pics of Nug too!

  5. Thanks for this posting Molly. I was wondering why Gypsy Rose didn’t tend to Jitterbug when you put her with the other kitties right after she was born and Sequoia was unable to care for her after surgery. Tiny Bear came to the rescue instead.
    You are so insightful in the inner workings of the feline brain. Thank you again!

  6. The post Molly was wonderful and very, very true….. Gypsy Rose was a wonderfull Nanny, but, as you say time changes everything. Jitterbug is so beautiful, and Koi is very protective which is what it should be, Kitties hiss at one another – it doesn’t mean to say they will forever dislike them. I hiss at hubby but he is still here …….:D… photos are beautiful as always.

  7. Dear Molly, Thank you for the beautiful, sweet and tender letter!!! Everything is clear, end hunger strike to have the power to kiss you all!!! Gypsy Rose is unseen beauty, and all your cats!!! If she wants to be with Jojoba, I know that we will have pictures and video.!!! Thank you for everything!!!
    Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

  8. Molly
    Thanks for lovely and informative post.

    Understand why GR no longer holds possition as SuperNanny but we all still miss that. Especially when she had a kitten or two as basket-lining. Ah well…

    Lovely posts in reply as well, folks.

    Beautiful to see JuJuBar in latest video debating whether to go over, along or under the chair leg. Such big decisions for a liittle kitty.

  9. Extra cute pics of GR — she was an ADORABLE baby!

  10. The GR/TB connection is a rare thing indeed. Priceless pics and videos we were so lucky to see first hand. GR must think if I could just get that kid alone for a minute I would stash her in my fur and spoil her the likes she has never seen. As always thanks Molly for the trip down memory lane to when GR was the Fluff-Baby in charge. Much love!

  11. The most beautiful of the world, most loved, brilliant, unseen- those are your cats!!! I love you!!! I will eat two girls mom Sequoia and little Pearl Jujuba!!! O, my GR, I KISS YOU,I LOVE YOU!!! LOVE KISS LOVE KISS LOVE KISS LOVE KISS LOVE KISS LOVE KISS!!!

  12. What I see? My heart beats crazy! Two beautiful girls kissing sweet but scared Jojoba! She does not know that this is the sweetest kisses of Gypsy Rose -QUEEN, MISS CALIFORNIA!!! Thanks for video! MoreMoreMore-PLEASE!!! Thank YOU!

  13. Thanks for the detailed explanation Molly, so well put, as always.
    Sequoia has done a wonderful job as a mother to Jujuba and auntie Gypsy Rose shouldn’t take it too much to heart if she feels her services as Super Nanny are no longer required, but I’m sure she doesn’t anyway. 😀
    I think the way you gradually socialise your kittens and introduce them to the older cats is an excellent way of getting them used to their eventual move to their forever homes.
    BTW….. for the followers of ‘Simon’s Cat’, I think his latest video with the new kitten is the best one yet. 😀

  14. As always, Molly, thank you for your insightful and comical explanation into the inner-workings of Gypsy Rose! I love all of the kitten and growing up pictures of Gypsy Rose…especially the jacket sleeve! She is one incredible cat who is very lucky to have you as her human mom! 😀

  15. GR is my partners favourite. Will have to show him this when he gets home from work 🙂

  16. The part with the behemoths reminded me of the fantasy movie “The Neverending story” btw Kalahari looks like the white luckdragon Falkor.
    Thanks for a lovely WB-letter and pics!

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