Jitterbug, 5 weeks old today

I did a little photoshoot this morning and one yesterday.  The Bug just gets cuter.  She lends meaning to a phrase that never made sense to me: “cute as a bug’s ear.”  LOL … A couple of photos of Gypsy Rose were in the camera as well, so I threw those in along with a few others that have been collecting since the last post.

The time is flying by and there’s never enough of it in a day to get to the things I want to get to … those that I remember.  I have the furniture painting project currently stalled in the garage.  A week of rain and migraines pretty much derailed that, but I hope to get back to it soon.  In the mean time I’ve thought of one or two other things I’d like to get done … oh, and yes, I’ve spent and inordinate amount of time attempting to lure Jujuba through the kitten hole.  So far it’s a “no go” on that one!  BUT, she is climbing the flower, eating out of a plate, and running around.   The corral was removed yesterday and she has the entire nursery to play in.  She’s doing very well and just a tad under a pound at 15.9 ounces this morning’s weigh-in.


7 responses to “Jitterbug, 5 weeks old today

  1. I sure wish there was some helpful advice to give you, in regards to your migraines. I get similar headaches too, and I hate to see anyone else suffer from them. Mine appear to be sinus related though, so probably not true migraines (but they sure hurt like hell). Since yours came on with the recent rain, do you think your sinuses have any part to play in triggering them?

    Otherwise, Jitterbug is adorable (of course)! She just gets cuter every day. I think she is my favorite kitten so far, with Sequoia herself running a close second 🙂

    • Thank you, Kelly. I’m sure that you get the same kind of helpful advice I get in regards to the headaches – lol. Over the decades, I’ve learned that “migraine” can mean a lot of things and is different for different folks. I don’t think that experts even know what a *true* migraine is. I thought mine were sinus headaches for many years, then one day I was finally sent to a neurologist instead of an ENT doctor and was told they are migraines. The truth is, I don’t think they know. They are what they are…. but one thing is for sure… Jujuba’s cute coefficient is off the charts. 😀

  2. Jujuba couldn’t be cuter! I love the pictures of her and her mommy snuggling together! They’re beyond adorable!

    I hope your head is feeling better! The barometric pressure dropping with weather changes gets me every time…

  3. Same here Molly….. season changes also trigger my migraines as well.
    I didn’t think kittens could be any cuter than your previous litters….. but along came little Jitterbug….. that is just too much cuteness in that chubby little face!! And I love the 2 different colors on her front paws and her little pink mouth… and the way she toddles around….. and waves her paws in the air. Sequoia just seems so motherly and proud of her little clone … it’s so sweet.
    And of course Molly the way you capture all of that is just amazing. Thank you for bringing such joy to all of us in “cyberland” Have a glass of wine, and relax ( that really does seem to help the stress part of it)! Laura

  4. Hello, Again remarkable and amazing beauty! Please do not forget about photos of Gypsy Rose with Jojoba! I love you all!!!

  5. Molly you are so right in your remarks on how cute Jitterbug/Jujuba is…. I mean, can anything get any cuter? …… and Koi Koi seems even more beautiful than ever, since she became a mother. I think that they are the most entertaining kitty double act I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for kittycam and posting the videos, I shall be looking back on those for a long time to come.

    As a fellow migraine sufferer, I have every sympathy with you. I had a nasty attack myself last week but, nothing to do with the weather, it was entirely my own fault, eating chocolate late at night…. and did I pay for it. However, I have discovered that if I take Sumatriptan ( assume it’s the same name in the US) it eases the pain far more than any pain killers. It reduces the swelling of the blood vessels in the head, so not everyone can take them. But I expect you already know, and have tried all the available cures and as you so rightly say, migraines seem to manifest themselves in different forms and even the ‘experts’ can’t seem to fathom it out. All I know is a Migraine is very different to a headache!

  6. The “best” cure for migraine that I have found is taking a nap with my kitties. They really do soothe me and help me to relax.

    That little Bug and her mam would be just perfect for your cure.

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