Jitterbug photos and progress report.

Jujuba is doing very well.  She’s using the litter box unprompted.  I’m always amazed at this… kittens learn it so naturally with virtually no effort on my part.  She hasn’t shown a lot of interest in solid food yet, but has licked it off my fingers a few times.  Some kittens will hold out and refuse solid food upwards to 6 weeks, but the 4 – 5 week mark is generally when they become open to the idea.  Either that or mom makes sure they get hungry enough to be motivated.  It seems like she went from a quivering toddle to an outright gallop over night.  I think she almost did.  She’s trotting around her little corral now with quite a bit of confidence.  She gets cuter every day and more responsive to me and her surroundings.

Photos have been piling up for the past few days… here they are.


7 responses to “Jitterbug photos and progress report.

  1. Molly I saw the video of her earlier, I couldn’t stop laughing, also her using the litter box (which I thought was just amazing digging into the litter) she is just the cutest kitten I have seen in a long time, well since the ‘I’ litter 😀 Beautiful pics as always.

  2. Totally agree with Maggie (for once). Bobin

  3. Gwen AKA Supagme

    She was so offended when I asked if anyone had seen her play that she jumped right to it. She has made awesome progress in the last week. It sure goes by so fast.

  4. I continue to be completely in love with Jujuba! 😀

  5. It’s quite amazing, watching the videos how quickly she has progressed from laying on her back and sucking her thumb to running around the corral.
    It won’t be long now before she’ll be racing up and down the triangle, jumping in and out of the picnic basket, chasing the ball around the race track and, if we’re lucky….. even a bit of basket spinning. 😀


  7. I want to kitten into your home!

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