Jitterbug photos, and baby photos of Mom.

The first five photo are of Sequoia as a baby.  I’m estimating the kittens in the photo with three babies are about 2.5 weeks old.  Sequoia is the one in the center between her two sisters.  The other photos are of Sequoia a bit older – approximately 4 – 5 weeks old, so not much older than Jujuba is now…. and of course the rest are all of Jujuba, Sequoia’s baby.


7 responses to “Jitterbug photos, and baby photos of Mom.

  1. Dear Molly, These are not cats, they are precious treasures!!! I do not sleep normally, not eating normally, I do not live a normal, day and night because I’m at the computer and admire the art of Simba Khan. What is this beauty, what is this perfection?!!! You lay the perfect care and I admire!!! Sorry I’m so far from you all and I can not see you live!!! Be healthy and happy!!! Kisses!!!

  2. Thanks for posting the pics Molly. It’s really interesting to compare and to see the one of Sequoia with her 2 sisters, all with the same markings.

    There’s no doubting…. Jitterbug/Jujuba is her mother’s daughter allright, and she’s going to be a stunner just the same as both her parents. 😀

  3. *melts*

  4. If you compare pictures 5 (of KoiKoi as a baby) and 7 Jitteryboog they both look uncannily similar…

    Wonderful to see these comparisons. Thanks, Bobin

  5. Jujuba is definitely her Mommy’s daughter! There doesn’t seem to be any Simba Kahn in there…lol. Sequoia and her sisters were SO precious as babies. Is that what their mommy looked like, too? What did Sequoia’s daddy look like, considering that all 3 kittens look the same? I wonder what Sequoia’s sisters look like now…

    Thanks for sharing Sequoia’s baby pictures…it’s so interesting!

    • Sequoia’s daddy is a full brother to Sahara and looks just like Sahara. Sequoia’s mom (her name is Koi, which is why I spell Sequoia’s nickname like I do) is a “van” which is a bi-color that’s almost all white. She just has a few patches of orange and she has blue eyes. Too bad blue eye color is recessive. Other than that I don’t understand eye color genetics at all, but I think there MIGHT be a chance that Jujuba will have green eyes.

      • There must be some very interesting genetics for Koi and Sahara’s brother to produce three calicos…and then for the calico to be so strong in Sequoia, given her very mixed-color genetic background, to produce a virtual clone.

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