By popular demand … the rest of the kitties.

I managed photos of almost all of the other kitties (other than mom and baby) last night as they lay around the patio trying to cool off.  I think the only one I missed was Nugget.  She was there and I DID take photos, but they were all too out of focus.  All are doing very well.  Gypsy Rose is getting her winter coat and quite magnificent.  Sahara’s winter coat hasn’t started coming in yet (a blessing) and she’s as sleek as a little cat can be.  Kalahari is becoming quite breathtaking with his wild hairdo.  Sirocco it, as always, the mud-muffin.  I gave her a bath not too long ago and her ruff and under belly are already looking a bit greasy.  She is such a little doll-kitty.  Tiny Bear, of course, is one of the greatest beauties of our time (we must whisper that so that certain others do not hear and take offense).  Simba Kahn has become quite the little couch companion for me in the evenings.

Without further ado:


9 responses to “By popular demand … the rest of the kitties.

  1. Makes me wonder what Simba was saying to you in that one photo….. : )

  2. I love them all! Everyone looks great! 😀

  3. Lovelt pics ty Molly. So glad to know that life goes on ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak.

    You will really need to get an eagle-sized bird bath for GR soon… she is outgrowing your present one…

    And please can we have shots of Nugget when she ‘comes into focus’ again one day?
    Thanks Bobin

  4. I 2nd that Mindy – but Simba Khan is slightly up in my special list 😀 Great Photos Molly.

  5. Love the pics of Simba Kahn and Tiny Bear best!

  6. Lovely pics Molly, thanks for posting . Bless them all, they are all so beautiful. Looking at the one of Simba Kahn yawning, I now know where the baby Bug gets it from. 😀


  8. Thanks Molly for this fur-bomb of the rest -pirate queen and I love how you are non-faving (hush) them, only points to their individual skills/non-skills;)
    J-bugs egyptian eye-drops runs on her father, look at bigbrother Kalahari, very similiar “make-up”- he has adorable extra set of fake fluff ears, agent Kalahari 007-

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