Jitterbug at 3 weeks

Slightly out of focus so unfortunately not too great for printing at high resolution.  In any case, her cuteness makes up for the poor photography:


11 responses to “Jitterbug at 3 weeks

  1. Ovewhelmingly cute!!!

  2. Beautifully Cute !!! 😀

  3. What a pretty little sweetheart – she’s got her mum’s beautiful colouring and some of SK’s sweet facial expression….a gorgeous mix!

  4. What a starlette…

  5. What a beautiful girl. I would just love to smush her.

  6. Dear Molly, Thank you for your nice letter. I hope that little beauty will be good and caring parents. Ask lots of pictures of her and we will be happy. It is an amazing cat. Please please please do more pictures with Gypsy Rose and the little beauty. Kisses to you all! Thanks!!!

    • You are most welcome, Olga. I know the other kitties often lose some of the lime light when kittens arrive, but I will try to get more photos of them — especially Gypsy Rose.

  7. Just precious…

  8. Too too cute! What a gorgeous sweetie. And Momma Sequoia looks so proudly and lovingly on her offspring!
    But why doesn’t she have the black underpaw coloring as all the other kittens have had? Is that from their Moms? That has always fascinated me… to have such light brownish markings but their little feet are so black. Very beautiful and exotic.
    As usual Molly, YOU are doing a fantastic job of bringing us such great photos, videos and musings of life in general. Thank you!!

    • Thank you, Laura. This kitten is genetically different than the previous kittens. The black paw pads/feet are a trademark of the Shaded Goldens and Silvers. Jitterbug daddy is a golden, of course, but Jitterbug is calico like her mom. She DOES have one black freckle on the bottom of several of her feet.. 😀

  9. Yeah, I noticed one on J-bugs inside front paw in yt 10 d ago, though of Koi Koi´s panda-print;)

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