Jitterbug update

As of today, Jitterbug is officially spoken for.  I am so excited for this family.  I know they will spoil the Lil Bug rotten.  She will be three weeks old tomorrow and is just about as chubby as a little kitten can get.  She’s walking now and I’m predicting that she will be making a break for the confines of her corral in the next day or two.  She’s now at the age where I might be able to get some nice still photos of her.  I managed to capture the one below this afternoon.  Her eyes are going to be quite exotic, doncha think?  😀  I actually attempted to rub the dark spots off at the inner corners of her eyes a number of times before I realized that her dark coloring extends down in that area.


16 responses to “Jitterbug update

  1. OMG!!! the little Love Bug is growing up! and so gorgeous too (just like her mommy). I truly envy the family that gets to keep Koi Koi’s only child!!! Thanks so much for the update Molly! Great photo.

  2. I’m so envious. Spoil her rotten, new family!

  3. I am really happy for new family and know we will have lots of excitement in the period from now until little Buglet decides ro romp too far and fast for the webcams…

    And all praise for KoiKoi who has – so far – turned out to be a most attentive mother..

    As for allowing KF to prowl on the ledge ABOVE her and buglets bed area, well, I was ALMOST shocked into silence.

    Well done everyone and lots of love of course to the largely neglected (on photos, videos and in our comments) rest of the kitties.


  4. Oh no! How can i live without that sweet baby? Soooo, do they live in San Diego? (((please say yes, and give me their address))).


  5. Jitterbug’s new family is so beyond lucky to be getting her! I have loved every kitten since I ‘found’ you midway through the F litter, but Jitterbug has a special place in my heart because of her resemblance to my Phoebe. I hope they decide to keep in touch with ‘us’ with videos as I’m sure everyone would love that! 😀


    • Dear Olga, we at Mythicbells appreciate your love for our kitties and we thank you. However, you must understand the process and what we do here. Think of the utter joy each and every kitten who leaves here brings to some lucky family. Often this is a family who has planned and saved and waited to have such a special little cat added to their lives. Some have traveled long distances to get their kitten. The joy my kitties bring to others in person as well as via photos and videos has been one of the truly surprising and most wonderful aspects of what I do. I love every single kitten born here and feel that they each deserve the special relationships they each develop with their new families. No kitten is more special nor less special than any other. The are all beyond special. I’ve been fortunate to keep quite a few of the cats I’ve brought in and a couple who were born here and I do my best to spoil them as they deserve, but keeping them all is simply not what it’s all about, nor would it be responsible or prudent.

  7. What a little dear and I know she will be totally spoiled by her new family., but we can enjoy her for a while yet.,:)

  8. So Pleased she has found a special family to adopt her (I did think perhaps you might have kept her though :D) I am sure whoever the new owners are they will keep us infomed of her progress through the months and years ahead.

  9. Lovely news Molly – only wish she was coming to live with us! You must be so glad to have found the family for her after all your devoted care and love. What a treasure for them. Great, and thanks so much for the delight you share with us.

  10. Molly, that picture of Sequoia and Jitterbug is beautiful!! What a little heart stealer that baby is going to be.
    I am pleased that you have found a home for her. Like everyone else I am very envious of the family who will be adopting her and hope that they will keep in touch with you as she grows into a stunningly beautiful cat.
    Thank you for all the updates and videos, I just love watching her progress day by day. 😀

  11. Molly’s comments make sense to me. This is what she does at Mythicbells. If she decided to keep them all then I would never had the good fortune of taking our little Molly to our home. (Can’t imagine that). The buglet’s new parents must be just beaming and anxious. I know I would be. Let’s all look forward to the “K” litter. Thank you Molly for the joy you have brought to the world.

  12. What a lucky family.I am certain that the little bug will bring them great joy and love.

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