Jitterbug at two weeks old…

Two weeks old today, Jitterbug is a fat little kitten at just over 8 oz.  (she was just over 3 oz at birth)  Lest you think she is more of a piglet than other kittens at this age, I will remind you that two kittens in the “I” litter were actually a little bit larger than The Bug at two weeks.  Of course they WERE males!?


10 responses to “Jitterbug at two weeks old…

  1. JBug is absolutely precious! I’m in love…

  2. oh yes, Mindy, arn’t we all?

  3. A picture of cuteness!!! Yes, we ALL love the little JBug 🙂

  4. Adorable !! 😀

  5. Beautiful, sweet, charming !!!

  6. Such a beautiful little one. Here’s a thought….. If I was to up sticks and move to the States ( if they’d have me ) leaving all my family and friends behind….. Would that entitle me to go the top of your adoption list Molly? 😀

  7. I’m barely getting any work done since I found your site at the end of August. I wish I didn’t live so far away also….not sure a trip home from CA with a kitten would be all that fun. I have however learned so much from your site & blog. Thank you so very much for posting all of your trials and tribulations.


  9. Please, make more pictures with little beauty and it can with Gypsy Rose!!! Please,Please!!!

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