Kitten-napping foiled by anxious mom …


9 responses to “Kitten-napping foiled by anxious mom …

  1. Hey, isn’t she mine??!! So sweet 🙂

  2. Good mom Sequoia, protecting her baby.

  3. Those eyes tell it all !!!! 😀

  4. Just who is the anxious Mom? Molly or Koi Koi? They are both just gorgeous!!

  5. Look here – I’ve only made this ONE and ** YOU ** are taking it away! You NUST be joking?

  6. S P L E N D I D B E A U T I E S ! ! !
    Please keep for you little beauty!!!

  7. They are both so beautiful! I always so amazed at how quickly kittens grow. I know she is still tiny, but JBug is HUGE compared to when she was born!

  8. “What are you doing with ‘ little me ‘ ? 😀

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