Sequoia on walkabout today …


9 responses to “Sequoia on walkabout today …

  1. So nice to see Koi Koi able to relax now that little JBug is getting fat 🙂

  2. What a lovely change from looking after baby J-Bug in a darkened room…

  3. She must be feeling almost normal again. Yay!

  4. It’s nice to see Sequoia relaxing and having a little fun! I really thought she was going to be a psycho-momma like Sahara, so I’m pleasantly surprised! 😀

  5. Lovely Photos !! 😀

  6. Koi Koi looks like her old self. I hope tht the Bug lives up to her mom.

  7. Glad to see Sequoia has done well. What a strong, feisty lil’ momma you got there. Molly did you tell her this is it, that she’s done making babies?
    Love and patience to Molly and Sequoia

  8. Sequoia still has a kittenish glow about her! CUTE!

  9. Sequoia is beautiful, I don’t think I could have climbed a tree after a C-sect. Thank You for the photos of both Mom and Jitterbug. I am so happy they are doing well.

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