Jitterbug photos

Just a couple of photos of The Bug … they are hard to get at this age, but these aren’t too bad:

A few days ago

Today at 1 week old


13 responses to “Jitterbug photos

  1. Brilliant photos – as good as if taken by Sequoia.

  2. She’s really beautiful already. Thank you so much for posting the photos and all the gorgeous videos too. 😀

  3. She is really beautiful. I think she will look just like her mom. Wow.

  4. Can you imagine if we held a Mythicbells Beauty Pageant. We would be there for weeks trying to pick a winner. Of course our Little Mollly would get my vote, LOL

  5. She’s absolutely adorable and just precious! I love her little tiny feet! 😀

  6. awww!!!! what a wee sweetie. Can’t wait till her eyes open then she’ll melt our hearts 🙂

  7. So, SO adorable! That little face is just precious!

  8. I can see little Jitterbug got the tiny pink paws from daddy-
    the same color as Simba Kahns cute tounge;-)

    Molly, do you prefer one mug/porcelaine/dinner plate over the rest in the kitchen? Feel sorry/guilty for leaving only one tiny pea on the plate because “it has to be eaten for not being left there all alone without reason”?
    If yes- your control is very normal in individuals that are caring, full of emphathy, have strong willpower, struggle to perform their absolute best and often had competitive childhood.
    Sorry for Dr Phil-ing but sometimes our pets put their paws dawn to our little fix-this-fix-that attempts in their own ways. My old cat refused eating his food when I cut it to “easier-eating” pieces and then dragged my hole grilled dinner chicken from the kitchen when the other cat tricked me away by meowing funny in another room…

  9. Beautiful !!! 😀

  10. Beautiful as mom and all your cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Looks like classic tabby bullseye on the sides

  12. :() Pretty little baby!

  13. I’m not sure why a unhappy face went up! That was supposed to be eyeballs for my happy face!

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