Fussy Mom in check … for now.

That ‘Fussy Mom’ would be me!  SIGH.

I LOVE order.  Give me something to organize and I’m in ‘hog heaven!’  I like things just so, and will often work myself into a frenzy attempting to attain that level of ‘just so,’ thereby forcing the world around me to conform whether or not it’s in anybody’s best interest.  Yesterday the error of my ways came to roost when Sequoia staged a small kitty rebellion.  Just as I was happy, too.  I had her in the kennel out in the center of the room, with the sides open so I could visit and pester as necessary.  Lots of light, of course.  Who doesn’t like things light and airy?  I bustled around and got my little heating pad situated under the nest so I wouldn’t be using up my air activated hand/body warmer thingies.  I had the baby monitor situated and the KittyCam clamped and aimed just right on the little table I use.  Oh, yes, and an additional nightlight lamp so all you folks in Great Britain can visit and see something while I’m sleeping.  Naturally this required a lot of running of power cords, shifting of Sequoia’s nest and general obtrusive disruption.  Oh, yes, and Sequoia was being restless and weird for some ungodly reason, and the baby was crying a lot which all put me into a panic so I was nipping in and out checking on them at every opportunity.  Things escalated.  I was oblivious.  Fortunately Camstreams, and therefor KittyCam, went down shortly before Sequoia made her move and dragged little Jitterbug to safety away from the mayhem I’d created.  I immediately came to my senses (more or less) and moved her nest back to the darker part of the room and made it into a safer feeling place for her.  I did manage to sneak the monitor and cam under the flap on one end.

Sequoia did well for the rest of the evening and through the night and seems fine this morning, but I’m going to have to come to terms with the idea that *we* do this on Sequoia’s terms, not mine.  I’m glad that she’s allowed the cam to peek in (at least for now) so that we can all watch little Jitterbug’s journey, hopefully she won’t change her mind if I behave myself.

Both mom and baby continue to do well.  I was delighted this morning to see that Jitterbug had made a significant weight gain.  She will be a week old tomorrow and should be opening her eyes in the next 3 – 5 days.


11 responses to “Fussy Mom in check … for now.

  1. YAY!! KittyCam back up and all is well in the nest again!! J Bug DOES have a big voice and definitely makes it known when she wants something!! Koi Koi has really come into her own as a loving, protective, cuddling Mommy. It is such a pleasure to be able to watch her AND J Bug on there journey :o) Thanks Molly!!

  2. Ohhh !!! it was you Molly having a tantrum which bought down the whole of camstreams??? … LOL !! Joking – honestly 😀
    I do thankyou most sincerely for the night lamp you put up for us who are viewing from over the Pond – but !!!! if Koi Koi and Jitterbug – need darkness -then so be it ! – I couldnt sleep with lights all around me. Koi is doing great as a first time Mum and so pleased JB has put on more weight – you have to do what you know best – and what Koi wants – we will still be here in your morning. 😀 Thanks again Molly as always !!!

  3. Echo what JMH said, and all credit to you, Molly, for recognising what KoiKoi and Jbug want, as well as trying to keep us lot happy.

    Talk about ‘herding cats’… Anyway you are superlatively good at it, so DON’T beat yourself up over it, d’you hear?

  4. I’m glad to hear the Koi Koi and JBug are doing well and that Koi Koi is more content today. Hopefully you can start to relax a little…maybe? I hope!

  5. And THAT level of Order and Frenzy is why we are known as BS1 and BS2!
    Lookin ya right in the eye there Molly~ ❤

  6. It reminds me of when my newest cat was just adopted, she would skitter away like I was chasing her if I got up to do something. I would find myself walking after her as she ran about the house saying “I’m not chasing you, I’m not chasing you!”

  7. I think you right, Sequoia is in control, but she looks like she is taking good care of Jitterbug. I think they are both beautifull. Hope their other Mom (you) get some rest.

  8. Oh, I recognise this…. Sequoia is being a cat and dictating to us humans, which in their eyes is how it should be anyway. After all, we are the lower race, are we not!!
    I do appreciate the fact that you leave the nightlight on for us Brits though. I love following the progress of the kitten / kittens day by day, but am happy to wait in the darkness until Sequoia is over her ‘Greta Garbo’ stage ( I vant to be alone ).

  9. Let’s face it, have any of us ever been able to change a cat’s mind? Of course not. Cat’s do what they want to do. They are adorable little lives and good companions and cuddly and furry. They “allow” us to pet them, groom and comb them. They sit on our laps and purr and in my case wake me each day with a nibble on the chin. What more could you ask for?

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