Milk names for another time, perhaps?

Both Sequoia and Jitterbug continue to do very well.  Jitterbug made a large leap in weight overnight and is now 106 grams.  I think it’s taken a bit of time for Sequoia’s milk to come completely in.  I supplemented Jitterbug with the bottle a little yesterday, but think I can stop that if all continues well.  Sequoia isn’t eating as much as I’m used to seeing queens eat, but then she only has one extra mouth to feed.  Usually a nursing queen is ravenous all the time.

There was some discussion the other day about the ‘milk’ names I choose and I said I’d see if I had any of my old lists hanging around as it might be fun to see them.  I had back through the “G”s … I always have far more names than I have kittens, obviously, and then often have to jettison a strong contender because it’s for the wrong gender.  You can imagine what I had to give up for the all boy “G” litter!  Not all the names listed were seriously considered — I just start jotting them down as I think of them, then go back later and choose my favorites — and, of course, if someone else has already *suggested* it to me, I have to remove it – LOL – well, not always.  Here they are:

Godfry, Gecko, Ghillie, Gremlin, Gideon, Giraffe, Goblin, Gnome, Godiva, Goldilocks, Golly, Gryphon, Golliwog, Gretel, Gidget, Geronimo, Geneve, Genoa, Gatsby, Glacier, Genghis Khan, Gobi Bear, Gull, Goose, Gizelle, Gnat, Gypsy, Ghost, Goliath, Godzilla, Goodie, Grizzly, Gilligan, Gilhooley, Gabby, Gadget, Gadfly, Galileo, Ginger, Geisha, Gem, Genie, Garfield

Hercules, Hetziba, Hickory, Hooligan, Hoot, Horse, Hiawatha, Hidalgo, Houdini, Hunter, Hyacinth,  Hart, Heart, Heathcliff, Horatio, Halo, Honey, Hobo, Hill Hobbit, Hurricane, Hope, Hawk, Heron, Huckleberry, Haiku, Half Pint, Hamlet, Hannibal, Hansel, Hardy, Heaven, Hazel, Haze

Irma La Douce, Isis, Ink Spot, Iris, Ithica, Ice, Ibex, Idaho, Iberia, Iliad, Imp, Inca, India, Indigo, Indra, Intrepid, Imacutie, Ike, Iguana, Ivanhoe, Ivy, Izzy

Jelly Bean, Jezebel, Jericho, Jasper, Jazz, Jupiter, Joshua, Jester, Jill, Jeremiah, Jabberwockey, Jabiru, Jacko, Jade, Jake, Jamaica, Jewel, Jim Dandy, Jinx, Jitney, Jax, Jitterbug, Jody, Juliet, Jedi, Jet, Jetta, Just Me, Just One, Jolly, Joy, Jubilee, June Bug, June Berry, Jungle Cat, Jingle, Juniper, Junior, Juno, Joker, Jessie James, Jessie, Jasmine, Jacaranda, Jack Frost, Jackal, Jackdaw, Jackboot, Jackie O, Jackpot, Jaguar, Jamboree, Jekyll, Jellicoe, Joss, Juju, Jujube, Julep, Jalapeno, Jakarta, Juggernaut, Jupiter


8 responses to “Milk names for another time, perhaps?

  1. I always love your interesting name choices!

  2. Jitterbug is a perfect name for this new little kitten. She is going to be a beauty like her mom.

  3. So Mickey might have started out life as Godzilla instead of Goliath? Hmmmm…..

  4. So, so pleased Jitterbug has gained weight! – Koi looks amazing her eyes are bright and clear and cautious of who is looking at her little baby 😀
    As for names – LOL !! we have all posted a few, but Jitterbug suits her – as she is never still lol – at least when I am watching. Thanks Molly. 😀

  5. It has been a bit difficult to figure out the Jitterbug name or its meaning because I didn’t ever know the word but thanks to the dictionary now I know it. Great name,by the way & beautiful kitty as well. 🙂

  6. wonderful set of names…. so many ‘might have beens’ and unexpected ones too… Many thanks Molly.

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