Camstreams down and Sequoia on hiatus …

6:30 pm PDT:

Well, those of you addicted to KittyCam know that Camstreams who hosts KittyCam is down.  For how long we don’t know.  It turns out that little miss Koi Koi was not happy with … ???? Who knows!?  She has been worried and unsettled most of the afternoon.  About 30 minutes ago, I discovered that she’d moved Jitterbug over to the litter box.  This is very common with nervous mothers, but a first for me.  Anyway, I’ve moved the nest back across the room, under the table and dropped the sides so it’s like a dark cave….I’m watching her to see if she’ll accept this arrangement.  I don’t know if/when I’ll be able to have them back on cam.  I’ll keep you posted.

5 responses to “Camstreams down and Sequoia on hiatus …

  1. Well, the important thing is for Sequoia and Jitterbug to be happy and healthy. I hope Sequoia recovers from whatever has her spooked!

  2. My friend had her hide the kitten behind her file cabnet drawer and it was open. At least their not under the house or behind a cabnet.

    • Yes, I’ve heard of queens who will not stop moving the kittens to odd places. So far it looks like a less exposed area of the room and a more cave-like nest is making her happy, but you never know with cats.

  3. Poor Koi, she is very concerned about her little baby, you can see it in her eyes when she looks at the camera, I hope that is not what is spooking her? I am probably being stupid like I normally am to even think that is what it could be :D. Anyway, most important that Koi is happy with her surroundings whilst she is nursing, perhaps some seclusion is appropriate for a while. Hope all returns to normal soon. thanks Molly as always 😀

  4. Thanks Molly for your bright-and-early post… hope youve not been up all night. Bobin

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