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Yes, Sequoia is doing fine.  Yes, I have her nest ready — what a stupid question.  Yes all of the birth bedding materials, etc. are ready (another stupid question).  No, she isn’t ‘nesting,’  but everyone else seems to be interested in sleeping in her nest.  No, she isn’t acting strange yet — well no more strange than usual: she still growls at lot, is nasty towards most of the other cats, marks and sprays like a trooper, and is generally obnoxious.  The nursery is her exclusive domain at night which she fails to appreciate.  Initially, until I see how things go, she does not have the usual soft-sided nesting box (the large dog kennel) you’ve seen in the past, but has a large plastic storage box.  I’ve used this before for small litters and it was the nesting box used for Sirocco’s “H” litter, though I moved her into a kennel almost immediately.  The issue with Sequoia is her spraying.  Except for one time, she’s steered clear of the nest, so we’ll have to see how this plays out.  I may move her into the small kennel later.  You may see me switch out the nursery litter box at night and again in the morning.  When she is left untended for the night, she gets the non-clumping Johnny cat litter, which I hate.  In my opinion, clumping litter is THE only way to go, however if you’ve ever had a queen give birth in a litter box full of clumping litter, you’d be doing the same just in case.  She’s not completely untended.  For the “I” litter and their birth, I purchased a video baby monitor, which is wonderful.  I can peek in on the nursery from my bed upstairs.  I can even remotely pan the room with it, listen in and/or speak to them.  I miss the days of fewer cats and Tiny Bear as the queen.  Tiny Bear would give birth up stairs in my bedroom, or where ever I set her up, and could easily be moved later and she loved sleeping with me.  The current queens do not and are more temperamental.

Other news:  Tomorrow is Ivanhoe/Sebastian’s adoption day and yes, I have his little bag packed.  I hope to give him a bath later today which he will hate.  He’s become a very independent, willful little guy, but is doing extremely well.  He will be exactly 12 weeks old on adoption day.  I managed to get some cute photos of him this morning which I’m posting below plus one of Gypsy Rose and a couple of Sahara.  Reports from Maynard (Idaho) and Intrepid have been fabulous with videos and photos.  They are both doing extremely well.  Bamishe (India) reports are a bit more sketchy, as can often be the case.  Not everyone one wants to stay in touch.  Initial reports for her indicate that they love her a lot and she is doing well.  I’m sure I will hear more as time goes on.


11 responses to “News, photos, and stuff…

  1. As always brillian pics ty Molly of all kitties young and older…

    Glad plans for ‘babykoi’ are so detailed and thorough – but we have come to expect that from you, and you are v kind and thoghtful to take the time to explain them to us.

    With any luck, Ivanhoe’s bath and bibis, plus babyKoi’s birth will be a sufficient distraction to avoid us being tested on Canine Genetics… I hope so, anyway…
    I can just hear your voice, directed at US for once… “Pay attention now…”
    Lots of love to all at Mythicbells and esp to Sequoia for her frst litter.

    Suggestion for name: Joy-koi.

  2. Beautiful blog as always Molly !!! Ivanhoe will be surely missed by yourself and all of us, he has been a ‘JOY’ to all of us as with all the other ‘ Ittle ‘ I …litter.
    – Jasper, Jasmine,Joy,James,Joshua,Jeremy,Jemane, Jungle, Jingle, just to name a few of so many names for Koi’s little baby… I pray all goes well. 😀

  3. i’d like to see you name the next kitten Jumbo.

    but that’s just me:)

  4. Joy Koi sounds too much like Jo Koy, the comic on Chelsea Lately…so…no, please! If there’s only one kitten, Jumbo might be appropriate. Anywho, it sounds like you’re stressed, Molly, so Mickey and I are sending calming, soothing thoughts & wishes your way, hoping Sequoia’s upcoming delivery goes well. Chin up!

  5. Aww Molly, you sound stressed, though I guess that’s to be expected with such a busy household! We need Super Nanny to give you some TLC! Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  6. Thank you for the update, Molly! I echo what everyone else has already said. I’m sure your nerves are different for first-time mom’s rather than pros like Sahara. I hope Sequoia has an easy birth for both her sake and yours!

    Hopefully Bobin is right and all the goings-on will be sufficient distraction so we are not tested on feline genetics…and before you ask…NO, I won’t write a report on it. LOL! 😀

  7. Once again, thank you Molly for keeping us informed and posting the photos.

    As we say goodbye to dearest Ivanhoe/Sebastian, wishing him well with his forever family. I along with your many followers anxiously await the arrival of Koi Koi’s little ‘ J ‘ baby.

    Through your website, we can follow the development and growth of your kittens from the day they are born to the day of their adoption and I am so grateful for being allowed to share in the experience, I have learned so much.

    Hoping Sequoia’s birth goes well and the arrival of baby ‘ J ‘ makes it easy going for both of you.

  8. Looking at Gypsy Rose reminded me that it’s almost time for her to start growing her winter coat……..however, I don’t think she can beat the coat she had this past winter. It boggles the mind to think she might.

  9. Hi Molly, how about a French name for baby Koi? My favorite perfume…J’adore (I adore you) because we will most certainly all adore this lil one to pieces!!

  10. How is Is Koi and Jitterbug. Is SuperNanny going to make an appearance?

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