Camera download

I think yesterday’s post probably got a record number of comments!!

I found time this morning to download my camera which has been collecting photos for the week the main computer was down.  Here they are?


7 responses to “Camera download

  1. Molly,
    What a wonderful post. They are just beautiful.!!!

  2. One can never have too many kitty photos! Reminds me of when I first bought my new camera, right before my grandson was born nearly a year ago. Of course I had to test it out, and who better to test it on than my own dear kitties?! So my memory card, too, rapidly filled with furry friends (though of course I don’t have nearly as many as you!). I esp. like these outdoor pictures.

  3. Amazing photos as always !! Wishing the kittens, a long, healthy, and happy life with their new forever homes……. will miss them so much 😦

  4. Lovely photos, thanks again Molly.

  5. All of these pictures are precious, but my favorite is Idaho, sleeping, with his head resting on the threshold of the cabin. I can’t believe time has flown so fast and they are all going home soon!

  6. Thanks for posting the photos Molly, excellent as always. It’s especially nice to see the ones of Nugget, and I also love the one of Idaho asleep outside the cabin, it’s just so cute.

  7. These babies are priceless. Four families will be receiving angels very soon. I will miss seeing them but I’m also looking forward to Koi Koi’s baby. Thank you Molly.

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