State of affairs II & note of appreciation….

We at Mythicbells are on the home stretch with our tiny construction project.  Thank you all for hanging in with me — the addicted KittyCammers — with the electricity on and off, make-shift weigh-ins and whatnot.  The electrician *should* finish up today and I’ll be free to scrub down the nursery and put it to rights.

I’ve also been meaning to thank you all for your loyal and interested following of me and my kitties.  Bobin and several others have put your appreciation into most eloquent words.  It means a lot to me.  Basically I have the attention span of a seven week old kitten — and we know how long that is!!  If I didn’t have an audience who is–by all evidence–enjoying our little trials and tribulations,  I’d likely wander off on another tangent.  However many “out there” seem to enjoy my furry clowder as much as I enjoy sharing them.  Every time they do something adorable my first thought is “oh, I wish everyone could see this!”  As you can imagine with kittens in residence, this happens quite often.  So thank you all so much for the positive feedback.


10 responses to “State of affairs II & note of appreciation….

  1. We are honoured and privileged, to share, Molly.
    Glad the rebuild is going well – hope its is soon over for all our sakes,

    … although sometimes I think we have seen more kitties of all sizes under recent ‘upheaval’ conditions, than we might otherwise have done staring at a lonely flower…

    As always thanks for keeping us so fully in touch, a wonderful stream of posts, pictures, videos and entertainment.

    Bobin and fans.
    (ooo you will soon be able to say ‘Kitties and fans’, wont you?)

  2. Bobin said exactly what I was going to say! He tends to do that…lol! :o)

    Thank you so much as you and your kitties really do add so much to my life!


  3. I don’t say much Molly, but thanks for all the newsy stuff. I check the blog and videos everyday, and the cam when kitties are there. Love your site!
    Hugs and cheers to you and kitties
    Val in MI

  4. Thanks for sharing. We enjoy your posts thoroughly!

  5. I did not read this post, but if it wasn’t for your kittycam and your adorable kitties, when we have a few minutes or even hours !!!!!!! at times lol….. what a better place to pass away the time watching your furry family. Wishing you many years of Mythicbells Molly !!! 😀

  6. Yes, Molly, thank you so much!! Actually it was Koi Koi that led me to you with her viral video of you grooming her when she was a kitten!! I still love this video

  7. We are like the grandmas and grandpas out here – we get to see the cute parts and go away for the hard day to day work. Thanks for sharing Molly.

  8. Molly, it’s nice to hear that you enjoy sharing the day to day life of Mythicbells as much as your ‘followers’ do.
    Thanks and best wishes to you and the kitties.

  9. You know Molly, you not only sharing videos of your cats, you have the best pick-me-up channel and show pure love, caring and joy (+education and ideas)to the world. With your furry fellows and your work brings smiling faces and warmth in the hearth. Never do what others expect or demands you to do, do your thing as long as you get the feeling you said above ““oh, I wish everyone could see this!”, cam-battery is ok and it gives you meaningfullness!

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