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I know this will take the wind out of the sails of the previous post, but it deserves it’s own spotlight.  Sequoia has been a conundrum, as you all know from an earlier statement on her “condition.”  She went into her first heat, mated, showed some signs of pregnancy, but was not as obvious as I’ve grown to expect.  Yesterday I took her to the vet for an ultrasound and to have her examined.  The vet was a little surprised that I was asking for a pregnancy determination on day 50, but after palpating her, he didn’t know either.  The ultrasound shows that our little Sequoia is, in fact, pregnant!  With ONE kitten.  It appeared to be well formed and we could see its little heart beating.  The vet is about 90% sure it’s only one, but left the back door open for a possible second hidden in there.  I believe he’s correct and we can expect just one kitten.  This will be the smallest litter I’ve ever had.  A ‘singleton.’  And he or she is likely to be a very fat, spoiled little kitten.  The due date is around September 4 – 10th.  I may be taking the nursery away from the current litter at night for the next two weeks so that Sequoia can start feeling comfortable in there.


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  1. well, MEOW!!!!!! =D

  2. This is fabulous news………I’m crying with happy tears…………… : )
    Congratulations to dear Sequoia !!!!


  4. Molly
    I’m so delighted especially for you (and KoiKoi of course) was wondering how you could bear to say goodbye to the I litter – what a total joy they’ve been for all of us and thank you so much for letting us take part in their lives so far. Well done Sequoia and Simba Khan (and he looks so shy!) Hope all goes very well!

  5. Happy mews…I mean ….news! I’ve been hoping for Sequoia to get preggers soon, and I’m not disappointed one bit that there is apparently only one beautiful kitty due! Congrats! Do you have any wish for a certain kind of coat?

  6. Hurray!!! So happy for Koi Koi and you Molly. I’m sure the kitten will be so adorable. I’ve heard, though I don’t know if this is correct, that if she only mates one time with Simba Kahn, there will only be one kitten. When females mate with different fathers, there will be one kitten for each father that got lucky. Do you know if this is true?? Maybe an “old wife’s tale”??

    • Old wives tale jm … lol. But I believe it is possible to have litter with more than one father. But the number of matings has nothing to do with the number of kittens conceived. I don’t believe they’ve really figured out the how and way of litter size. Or at least I have not come across any information. I do know that older queens often have smaller litters. Tiny Bear, however had two litters back to back of only 2 kittens each, then subsequent litters of 6 then 5.

      • Thanks Molly! I, too, am looking forward to seeing what this gorgeous kitten will look like. Mindy is right, you may have to have a lottery as I’m sure a lot of people will be interested in this precious little one 🙂

      • Its all about egg release. If there are more eggs released then there is the possibility of more kittens. After the eggs are inseminated than they have to attach the uterine wall. Which is not always successful, so that is another determinant of litter size. Older cats will not release as many eggs (as their bodies are aging and are not 100%). Its similar to fertility problems in humans as they age.

  7. Molly
    Isn’t this splendid news! Well done for getting the workmen in when you did. You may have been through an awful lot of upheaval – hope they finish soon – but it’ll make such a difference when Sequoia comes to have her kitten. Congratulations all round.
    Here’s looking forward to seeing just what kind of kitty-colour Sequoia and Simba Khan’s genes produce…….

    • I would love to have a little female bi-color/calico like Koi Koi (first choice). Second choice a bi-color of either gender … she might also have a tabby that looks just like any of the “I” litter kittens.

  8. ”Wonderful News”………I knew she was expecting, have you noticed the expressions on her face in some of the videos…..LOL!!! She is thinking … that is’nt what I am going to have to put up with.. is it??? lol … 😀 Bless her heart, I pray all goes well. Thanks Molly, your a genious – no wonder you have so many followers.

  9. I’m just SO excited! I can’t wait to see what Sequoia’s (and Simba Kahn’s) kitten looks like and how she behaves as a mom. Simba Kahn seems to be so shy, but he is quite the ladies’ man! You’re probably going to have so many people who want this kitten that you’ll have to hold a lottery or something! I’m curious, though…how did you know that they mated and that it was only once?

    • I don’t believe I said that they mated only once. That would be rare. I think this may have been the second time you asked this question or similar and I didn’t get around to answering it before. So, your assignment should you choose to accept it, is to Google the mating habits of domestic cats and write up a little report for us. You can post it here. I may have written it out in a post at some point, I can’t remember. Maybe I’ll get inspired at some future date to write about it, but you could save us so much time. Thanks!

  10. awesome news!!!!!

  11. popponessetbandit

    wowza, tell Simba Khan to get out the cigars!!!!!

  12. She will have the cutest kitten ever. Congratulations!!!!

  13. Great news! And great timing, with the other kittens leaving for their forever homes and the electrical stuff all done!

  14. Awww…. bless her heart, what good news for Koi Koi. It may be only one, but (judging by all the posts you’ve had on here already) it will be a very precious, loved and wanted one. Wishing Sequoia a healthy pregnancy. 😀

  15. Wonderful, happy news! I cannot wait to see the new baby (ies?), since Sequoia is just about my favorite after Simba Kahn. So excited!!!!!

  16. This is just delightful news! I’ll be gone during the anticipated delivery dates but my heart and thoughts will be with you all hoping all goes well! Hummmm one Kitty? J Litter? JAFO? Just A Furry Observer? Nice how I cleaned that up huh? Wishing you the best! xoxoxoox
    *Mindy- How’s that report coming? Tap-Tap-Tap ^5

  17. Congratulations to Koi Koi and Simba Kahn!! I think it is quite normal for
    a young queen to have only one kitten! I bet it will be a beautiful kitten
    just like its’ Mama!!!

  18. yippee!!!!!!! can’t wait for the wee girl to be a mother.Wonder if there is a second one tucked away in there,guess time will tell Clever girl Sequoia.

  19. Lorraine Brattin

    Yessss! I am so excited for you Molly….and Sequoia of course. I’ve been waiting since you got her for her to have a baby(ies). Wish it could be 2 because that would be fun to watch them play with one another, but I could also handle just 1. Spoiled kitten for sure!!! What a beautiful momma, anxious to see the baby.

    Congratulations again!

  20. Wonderful news. Congratulations to Koi Koi and Simba. Some forever home is going to be SOOOO LUCKY.

  21. WOW!!!!!!!Fantastic news….. and pat little Koi Koi’s head for me! KittyKam viewing will go through the roof once the baby is here!!
    You’re doing such an excellent job as usual Molly, keeping us informed of the I litter and of course all those great videos.

  22. Congratulations!Sequoia’s pregnancy is an awesome and beautiful thing, ALMOST rivaling your amazing and incredible patience! You both deserve a treat.

  23. Lovely news, so happy for Koi Koi, you Molly and the rest of the Mythicbells gang. Make sure you both gets lots of good sleep after all the housework. Wonder if SuperNanny is needed this time? I think it will be a little tortoishell calico or blue cream smoke bi-color princess with close set
    Koi Koi eyes and a dollface nose and chubby cheeks that will leave ger pink tounge out after cleaning herself as time goes on just like dad Simba Kahn.
    Btw, this is a pic to Oldcat of a cute sister to my cat Chimels Marousha and she has a tux and tabby gold color.

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