Update on state of affairs at Mythicbells & KittyCam

To say that I didn’t have a clear picture of The Plan when I embarked on this little remodel in the kitten nursery is probably an understatement.    But, we’ve regrouped, the kitties and I, and are coping admirably.  I put up with total non use of the nursery (1/3 of my house) for one night, then took matters into my own hands.  I sleep better if I know that the kittens are sequestered at night in the safe, kitten proofed environment of their nursery with their mother.  So, last night when the contractor left saying “just leave it, the mess is too big” I just nodded my head.  The minute he left, the plastic draping all four walls was rolled up above cat level, the tarps were carefully rolled up and shaken outside, the vacuum, broom and mop came out and basic kitten toys moved back in.  This morning I reversed the process right down to putting their trashy boxes back in the middle of the floor.  So far, we now have a ceiling fan that doesn’t work yet.  The electrician thinks he connected a wire incorrectly and will correct it when he comes in for the final touch up.  We have five recessed lights, looking great except that they are hot-wired on–the dimmer switch has yet to be installed.  In order to turn them off, I have to flip the circuit breaker which also cuts off various other things including my Internet (modem).  This was done today by the drywall guy, not the electrician.  Now the electrician is PO’d because the drywall guy messed with his work.  Not my problem.  However, the holes in the ceilings are now patched nicely.  The room is once again fixed up for safe kitten habitation by another flurry of activity by me and will remain as is over Sunday.  Monday morning the drywall guy comes in to cover the ceiling patches with goop.  He says it may take one coat or may need two.  If it needs two, he will be back on Tuesday.  By Tuesday night I should be thoroughly sick of transforming the room morning and evening to accommodate the kittens and then the contractors

In summary, I think we can expect steady KittyCam through Sunday (I haven’t decided yet if I will leave the lights on all night.  If I don’t, then the Internet will be down and so will KittyCam during my night time and turned on as soon as I get up.  KittyCam will likely be down part of Monday and possibly Tuesday since the drywall guy makes a lot of dust and everything is covered in plastic.

How have the kitties been coping?  Poor dears have been a bit nervous … everyone but the kittens and Gypsy Rose.  Oh, and Tiny Bear slept in the top basket of the kitty high-rise all morning today while the workers came in and out the door right below her.   By the time I figured out she was missing from the enclosure and found her, I figured it was safe enough to leave her there.   I ultimately ended up keeping everyone outside.  The kittens have gotten a lot of outside time the last three days.  They are beyond adorable out there.  Well, they are beyond adorable anywhere, actually.  Hopefully this will prove to be a beneficial element of their education before graduation.

I have a camera full of still photos and hope to get to them tomorrow.  If I do I will post those that turned out.


7 responses to “Update on state of affairs at Mythicbells & KittyCam

  1. Sounds like you’re all coping well. It’s a pain, but the end result will be worth it. Actually it sounds like they’re working pretty fast.

  2. Your getting there Molly – when it is finally finished you will be pleased I am sure, but frustrating at the time. Been enjoying the kitten videos outside and I am sure they have enjoyed every minute out there, just glad your weather has been dry for you. 😀

  3. Well done for coping – only you would go to all that trouble for the kitties.
    All ** very ** eduCATional for the kitties, I’m sure.

    You keep us wonderfully informed and in touch. Many thanks. Bobin

  4. And despite all chaos and upheval, you still take time to upload videos, fiddle with the webcam and keep us all informed.
    Hope everything returns to ‘normal’ for you very soon. 😀

  5. Molly…you are amazing…plain and simple! I echo what everyone else has already said. Thank you and I’m sure, in their own way, the kitties (big and small) all thank you, too! 😀

  6. Hi Molly, glad all of you are making the best of the remodeling! By the way contractors don’t communicate between each other. Been there done that. As for the adorable kitties, no wonder you keep them 12 weeks, theire is so much cuties to slurp up before they leave. Our two new kitties are wonderful and now almost 4 months old. I was very pleased with the breeder, she really had her home and act together and it wasn’t a puppy mill !

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