KittyCam 2 back in action as our backup …

I’ve managed to put KittyCam 2 back in action via my small laptop upstairs so we can watch an empty bed instead of the flower.  It will be on intermittently only when the kittens are incarcerated in there along with a few of my more scaredy-cat adults.  First up this morning … getting ready for impending arrival of worker-guys.  I’m up early (for me).  I’m showered.  Everyone is fed.  Litter boxes are scooped, and I’ve almost got the cats sorted according to color coding, temperament, alliances, and other subtle factors into the two worker-guy safe areas: the upstairs bedroom and the enclosure.  The phone rings and Head Worker-Guy informs me he can’t make it until this afternoon.  I’m disappointed but relieved I haven’t moved all this s**t into the living room so that the nursery can sit untouched until next week.  I remain hopeful that it will actually start this afternoon.

Oh, right!  In case you don’t have the link to KittyCam2 here it is:  The chatroom for the main cam will still be open for social hour, visiting, commentary … the usual.  With two windows open side-by-side, you should be able to manage adequately.  Sorry about the obnoxious ad you have to sit through to start KittyCam2.


5 responses to “KittyCam 2 back in action as our backup …

  1. You are a star accommodating us this way Molly.
    Despite cat wrangling, kitty-wrangling, workemen wrangling etcTHANKS Bobin
    (I retract my WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH for the moment)

  2. I agree with Bobin…you are AMAZING! I hope the workers show up this afternoon!

  3. popponessetbandit

    Molly, thank you for being so considerate of our feelings,”the Kitty Cammers”. I loved watching the kittens use your bed as a trampoline this morning. Also, I enjoyed the weigh in with Kitty Cam 2 showing the weight on the scale and a close up of each kitten as you weighed them. Hope the” fan men” arrived this afternoon with not too much disruption to the rest of the gang.

  4. Molly, thank you for taking so much trouble to make sure us kittycamers can still watch. You must have far more important things to do….. we really do appreciate it. Just hope your workmen turn up soon….. I know how frustrating that waiting game can be.

  5. If its just ‘Holes in the ceiling’ you are wanting, I’m very sure that KF would be very happy to oblige…

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