Renovations and other weird things …

I’ve decided I cannot live another second without a ceiling fan in the nursery!  I’ve been stalking around this issue for a couple of months now.  If to do it.  When do do it.  How to do it.  I am, of course thinking (hoping?) that we will have some kittens from Sequoia at some point soon.  She did actually have her first heat a month or so ago and allowed Simba Kahn to mate her in her uniquely ungracious manner.  There’s a slim possibility of kittens in September.  In other words, she hasn’t gone back into heat, but she’s not looking PG either.  In any case, all of this entered into my thinking that I have got to have better ventilation in that room and if it’s going to be topsy turvy in there it has to be now, rather than later, as much as I hate that sort of thing.  Oh, yes, and the electrician was SO cute that I agreed to have him put in some recessed lighting since he was going to be punching holes everywhere anyway.

Here’s the whole point of this post … KITTYCAM IS GOING TO BE DOWN!!!  Can  you believe it?  Other than a few glitches here and there — it’s first down time since January of 2008 —  starting tonight when I sign off at bed time.  I don’t know what shape the room will be in, but it probably won’t be worth firing up the computer in the evenings.  I’m estimating 4 – 5 days.  I’ve been attempting to figure out how to run Camstreams off of the laptop, but so far have failed.  There is also Stickam, but I may be too busy cat wrangling to bother with much of that.  We’ll see how shaky I get with NO KITTYCAM…. of course the chatroom will be open and if the electricity is on, I can log on there to share news.  I’ll try to post kitten weigts here on the blog, so those of you who are following their progress can keep up.

I think I’ll be keeping the kittens upstairs in the bedroom.  I don’t want to take any chances with workers in the house.  The big cats can be in the bedroom and locked outside in the enclosure.


10 responses to “Renovations and other weird things …

  1. Ceiling fans are definitely very helpful for circulating the air. I’ve never had one installed, but I had no idea that it takes several days (or is it the recessed lighting that takes so long?). You’ll love it when it’s all done!

    It will be VERY exciting if Sequoia is, indeed, pregnant! If she isn’t, at least it’s encouraging that she finally went into heat. 😀

    • If there is already an electrical box in the ceiling for a lighting fixture it’s not a big deal. If you have an attic above the ceiling and no elec. box, it’s more simple as well. This is the worst case scenario. No electrical box and no attic, so they have to punch holes here and there until they find the joists to support the fan and also to run the electrical wires.

  2. Oh, I forgot to ask…how do you know that Sequoia and Simba Kahn actually mated? Were they isolated together?

  3. Good Luck Molly !!! We had ceiling fans put in few years back downstairs and one in the bedroom fortunately it was quite easy for us, we ran it from the ceiling lights so hubby actually did it himself, (Mind you a few swear words were used Ha !!) Hope all goes well 😀

  4. Molly
    Thanks for the detailed explanations.
    I will keep my paws crossed / pause pressed for SEQUOIA

    As far as the Kittycam suspension, there is only one thing I can say:


  5. ok,so kittycam will be gone for a while…hey!wait a min!!oh,poor us cat-watchers!!!how can we survive without the dayly amount of live kitties action?????!!!
    Well,I still have to endure the pain of being notified of new kitties video without the chance to watch them because I’m on holydays & have no internet connection but the one on my smartphone. As a result I groom poor Polly the cat everyday,asking her why she isn’t one of those cute Mythibells beasts who actually like their grooming session much more than her.
    However, I keep hoping to see a colourful litter from Sequoia soon. 🙂

  6. Oh boy Molly! You do take on some projects. Major electrical alterations with 4 kittens bouncing around. 😀 I’m sure you (and the kitties) will feel the benefits of a ceiling fan….. especially if Sequoia is going to be a mother shortly. 😀 😀 (She says with fingers firmly crossed).
    I will miss the kittycam over the next few days 😦 but will still pop into the chat room to see ‘what’s occuring’. Thanks for keeping us informed.
    Good luck with the renovations

  7. I am very much looking forward to Sequoia having a litter. The hard part is mustering the self control and strength to keep my name off the list for the “J” litter.

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