Photos of the “I” litter in the enclosure…

This is my most difficult task — getting good photos of the kittens outside on the move!  So many are out of focus, or you see just the tip of a tail disappearing off camera.  I do love the candid outdoor shots the best with the kittens, however, and will continue to try and get some good ones in the short time we have left with them.

7 responses to “Photos of the “I” litter in the enclosure…

  1. You may think they are out of focus, etc. We thing they are wonderful!! Love them all!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh yes, I remember that age…but your photos are stunning and sweet and all their prospective new parents could ask for!

  3. Molly…you really have a knack for getting the best shots! Each one is more precious than the last. I can’t believe how fast time flies and that we only have a few weeks left with these little guys (and gal)! 😦

  4. Beautiful Photos !!!

  5. Echo all comments made above. Lovely photos, thanks Molly. And BTW, so many thanks for beautiful videos, too. Lovely to see and hear the darlings with sound, and so close too.

    Sahara vying with the kitties for laser light play was brilliant.
    As is the kitties hop-pounce practice. Noticed they thought better of doing so on Sahara! Also noticed KF perching on the dividing gate between play room and outside world. No wonder Sahara is a bit nervous. Amazed he doesmt ‘get the message’.

    And THANKS for real time adjustments of web kitty-cam to catch ‘interesting bits’ for those of us who are viewers…

    And daily weigh ins… and this blog of course…

    So many THANK YOUs for sharing.

    Oh yes… AND you look after 8 adult kitties, some more demanding than others (eg Sequoia…)…

    All I can say is a very inadeuate.. T H A N K Y O U.

  6. Those pictures are beautiful Molly, how they have grown and I echo everything Bobin has said as I’m sure all of us Mythicbells fans do.

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