For the Nugget fans …

But first, I also found this little character in my camera.  I think it’s Ivanhoe:



16 responses to “For the Nugget fans …

  1. First, that picture of Ivanhoe is absolutely beyond adorable! I can’t get enough of all the kittens!

    Nugget is a very pretty girl, as usual! She looks pretty relaxed in these pictures. 😀 Is it me or does her eye look like it’s getting cloudier? It might just be the reflection of the camera…I hope.

    • Of course that’s always my hope as well. She gets ointment twice a day to keep the cloud in her eye under control. I think it’s about the same as it was years ago. It tends to look larger in the brighter lighting when her pupil is narrowed around it. The vet guesses that she doesn’t see as well in the brighter lighting due to the edema nearly filling the pupil, but sees better when the pupil is dilated in dimmer lighting. Part of her condition is actually a cone shape to her cornea, and I thought it interesting that in the last of these photos, you can actually see the cone shape unless it’s a trick of the light.

      • I also have a Persian cat and one of her eyes had to be taken out and we also have to put ointment in her eye as well.

  2. Can you see me jumping up and down as if your post was titled “do we have any nugget fans” 😉 I’m jumping and waving as if to say “meeeeeeee!!!” I heart Nug!

  3. She is just sooooo beautiful. Love, love, love her.

  4. The first “Super Model” on my site, and now Glam Shots of the lovely Nugs! Awesome ~ and little Ivanhoe is pretty cute too!

  5. Aww…. The Nug. 🙂

  6. I love this cat!!!

  7. what is the story behind sweet nugget?

  8. Adore Nugget. You do absolutely brilliantly on only one eye (and a dodgy one at that). WELL DONE.

    Bobin (You can take the ‘i’ out of Bobin but not the In-sight!)

  9. Thanks for posting the pics of Nugget. She is such a darling!

  10. Love pictures of the popular Nugget. Hope her sight lasts and lasts .
    Love you Nugget. You’re beautiful.

    Kitten is so cute with the lace in his mouth.

  11. Last picture of Nugget is very close to the “Pirate Queen” art. I dont know but Nugget had a cyst under her eye that cause her infections if I got it right. Are her teeth ok? Persians often get cyst under the eyes when they have a tooth infected, the roots under the gum can spread infections that connects and built cysts under the cats eye. It hard to see infections in the roots and sometimes that lump under the eye is the only sign of it, removed teeth, antibiotics and the cysts go away. Nugget is a sweetheart, the eye spy in the cat tree bed;)

  12. Oh Molly, I had to read the story of Nuggets eye you linked above so my info above is not the thing but handy info anyway. Thanks for caring so well of Nugget due her condition.

  13. I would love to see more of Nugget, it feels that she is not getting enough attention from other cats, i hope its not like that, i love her. Thank you for sharing the information with us.

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