A little of this and a little of that …

The “I” Litter just turned six weeks old and are doing fabulously.  I think they’ve even won over most of the older cats.  They’ve officially expanded their horizons beyond the nursery and have access to the rest of the house most of the day, much to the chagrin of the Kitty Cammers since their subjects are no longer in view on live cam.  First thing in the morning I keep the babies in the nursery until the big kits have eaten — no one wants toddlers under foot at breakfast time — but the rest of the day they have been playing in the living room and eating whatever food is left out for them all.  They’ve mastered the stairs, but have not gone upstairs yet.  They are very busy little kittens, sniffing and examining every little thing, then toppling over and falling asleep where ever they happen to be.  I have to watch my step as they topple in the strangest places.  I herd them back to the nursery in the evening so that the Kitty Cammers can enjoy them and the rest of us can relax knowing the babies are safely corralled in their play area for the evening.

I don’t have photos of everyone, but thought I’d download the camera and just put up what I have:

8 responses to “A little of this and a little of that …

  1. I can’t believe 6 weeks have already gone by! Time with these cuties is just flying way too fast!

  2. Honey Bear and Buttercup would like India to come live with them! Oh, the cutest looks ever!

    Mom of HBBCMom

  3. Impossibly adorable! And I can’t believe KF would allow the babies to sleep next to him like that. They must have snuck up on him while he slept?

  4. I presumed they are roaming around further these days, so miss them now lots when I come into kittycam, love all the videos. Thanks Molly. 😀

  5. Thanks for informative post, Molly, so we know what the progress is. Can’t wait to see reaction when they penetrate upstairs … and then there’s the Garden of course as well.

    Adorable ps – I liked the ‘kittyhuddle’ best… but then theres that other one… ALL adorable.
    Thanks Molly.


  6. Well I haven’t commented in a while so here goes. I too will echo the comments about how the time is flying by. I’m feeling anxiety about the kittens leaving and they are not even mine. (Wish they were). Four lucky households will be experiencing sheer joy very soon. I know the feeling, believe me.

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