“I” Litter Five week photoshoot

Eight photos for each kitten.  Hovering your mouse over the thumbnail will ID the kitten with the file name in this order: Idaho, India, Intrepid, Ivanhoe.  Click on the thumbnail to see a larger photo.

6 responses to ““I” Litter Five week photoshoot

  1. Lorraine Brattin

    Oh how I love these precious babies! Keep the pictures coming Molly as they only get cuter and cuter as they go. Give them loads of extra kisses from me and all their other fans, which the list keeps growng too. XOXOXO


  2. How do you manage to have each litter cuter than the last one? They are just beautiful Molly. I wish that I was close enough to come and kitty sit for you.

  3. Thanks Molly – They are beautiful pics of beautiful kitties. (What an understatement!)

  4. Oh my gosh…I love each cute face more than the last, but I am head-over-heals in love with India! 😀

  5. Madam, please do some pictures of cute kittens with Gypsy Rose and other cats. Thank you

  6. Beautiful pictures of those babies Molly. Have to confess, India is my favourite too but they’re all too adorable for words.

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