The “I” Boys – future lap cats??

From top to bottom: Idaho, Ivanhoe, Intrepid — they just got pedicures and butt trims and are clearly traumatized and exhausted.


14 responses to “The “I” Boys – future lap cats??

  1. We can see that Molly. And have been ever since…

    But what about india? Are you discriminating against the men (as usual)?
    Has she been treated equally and if not why not?

    Bobin (Opressed Male Fraternity)

    • Don’t worry, Bobin…I’m sure India got subjected to a pedicure and butt trim, too. She was probably just too busy to be bothered with posing with the boys. 😀

    • India got the same treatment, of course, but typically was prancing about and refused to participate in the lap time …

  2. The I boys couldn’t be more adorable and they are clearly severely traumatized…LOL! 😀

  3. The look like little hotdogs in the bun of the couch!!

  4. India is probably too neat to need a butt trim. They just keep getting cuter and cuter

  5. LOL!!! Molly’s legs are not long enough for all four?? And if I were India, I would just be the only one on the ‘Cat Walk’ who needs the boys.?? Lovely pic Molly.

  6. OMG! They are adorable, and I can see why you would like to continue soaking up all the sweetness you can get out of them (12 weeks?) Nah, too many “would be parents” want in on the sweetness.

  7. O M G they just can not get any cuter.

  8. How long did they stay there, Molly, until they were off on the next adventure?

  9. Wonder who is happier? You or the boys?

  10. My, they are such abused and neglected little cats! (Not!)

  11. Oh boys, it was only a few weeks ago when you would lie in Molly’s hand, now look at you all.

    I love the way Idaho has his eyes firmly shut and little paws crossed, like he’s saying, ‘ no publicity please ‘. 😀

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