KittyCam now at over 700,000 hits??!!

I’ve been trying to make the time for a newsy post for days!  Apparently not trying hard enough.  I seem to lose time everywhere and just can’t find it again.  But this is an occasion!  Who would have thought back in 2008, January, what our little KittyCam would become.  Certainly not me!  I have my own reality show and don’t even know it.  I suppose I MUST give the kitties due credit.  Okay, ALL the credit.

On with the news.  Sorry I don’t have any spiffy, cute kitten photos ready for this post, that may have to wait a little while.  I did upload three videos today and that might have to suffice for the rest of the week.  Tomorrow my sister and her husband are coming to visit the kittens.  Yes, that’s right.  Visit these scruffy little kittens.  I’m just the caretaker.  In any case, I’ll be distracted, but I’m sure I can rope her into helping me with the morning weigh-ins.  The rest of the time she’s likely to be stealing kittens right and left and you’ll all be back to meditating on the flower until she leaves.

As of yesterday all four of the “I” litter kittens are spoken for and have wonderful homes waiting for them.  Once again they will be traveling far and wide.  This time from Washington state on down to Santa Barbara and parts in between.  They will be five weeks old early tomorrow morning, and so far have been OH SO PERFECT in every way — not even a weepy eye — and all are just as sweet as they can be.  The three boys nibble on your toes while India races around being adorable.  They are all eating solid food now, but not reliably.  They still need a little coaxing.  Except for Intrepid who is a pro and has been eating for almost a week now.  Sahara is doing well with only one near psychotic episode due to a Kalahari incursion.  She has even been quite playful when the kittens are napping.  As you will see in today’s videos, the kittens have started out into the rest of the house.  This is pretty much on schedule since they are five weeks old.  I’m allowing them access occasionally at this point through the kitten hole into the bathroom.  I like to be able to monitor them with the other kitties lurking about.  I don’t think any of the big cats will harm a little one, but they might be kind of scary.  Sequoia, Kalahari, and Tiny Bear are probably the worst offenders.  Growling from Sequoia and hissing from the others.  I’m sure that Kalahari will come around, once he realizes he can carry them around like his little puff balls.

What’s happening with the other kitties?  Kittens arrive and we all forget about the big kits.  Well, not forget, but the limelight certainly does shift.  They all seem to be doing well.  Sequoia still needs an attitude adjustment, Simba Kahn, as the proud daddy, has stepped up his marking activities.  Nugget’s fur is looking particularly well this summer for some reason, but is still her neurotic little self.  Sirocco – tiny Sirocco – is showing that she too can be a bully.  Unfortunately she’s so cute that it doesn’t come across very menacing.  She is enjoying her retirement and being quite playful and interactive with me which of course, I love!  Tiny Bear is now the resident beauty queen.  I think she is particularly stunning this year.  Gypsy Rose is as always, a sweetheart, and Kalahari is, well … Kalahari…. he’s back to rubbing his chin in the dirt and looking very silly most of the time with a dark gray chin.

17 responses to “KittyCam now at over 700,000 hits??!!

  1. This is a first for me. Being the first on here to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on hitting the 700,000 Molly. It’s not difficult to see that many, many people enjoy the webcam and your videos.
    Grateful thanks to you and all the kitties.

    Have a lovely time with your sister, I bet she can’t wait to do some kitten cuddling. I know I wouldn’t.

  2. All wonderful news! I’m glad the kittens have good homes waiting for them — I should get together with the other Washingtonian so we can compare our siblings’ behavior and whatnot. Thanks for the great update, Molly, and congrats on the hits!

  3. Massive Congratulations, Molly and all the kitties… adult and tiny, over the years.

    700,000 hits since Jan 2008, makes it, by my maffs, an AVERAGE of 200,000 hits a year give or take. – which is an average of 4,000 a week or 550 a day! Every SINGLE day that is…

    II know of course its much higher in kitty times, and a bit less ‘out of season’ when we operate on flower-power with a very occasional sighting of who ever is duty-kitty. And that it has grown steadily over the years, so that the time per 100,000 hits has steadily decreased.
    Its still a massive tribute to the quality of everything you do – for the kitties and to entertain us, whether cam(s), videos, website, blog postings, monthly newsletters, loadsa still pics, and probably tea towels as well… oh yes, and floor paining on the camera!

    Cant wait to hear all about new owners, their names for the kitties, and hopefully they will be joining us on the cam chat and the blog, and of course youtube postings. You MUST make that a conditon of sale in future. To post 10 minutes of youtube per kitty per month in perpetuity! No much to ask, really, is it?

    I know Kodi, Blue and others… you have some CATching up to do!

    So a massive ‘thank you Molly’ for sharing these wonderful kittens, adults and kitties with us all so unstintingly and generouly. And please pass our (envious) love to Nevada when she visits you and them.

    Hope I haven’t posted a longer reply than your original post. Still you only get this every hundred thousand or so … next stop 1,000,000 hits, in year and a half. – Christmas 2012 I reckon. Date for your dairy? Bobin-the-loquacious.

    • I agree with everything you said, Bobin, especially paragraph four! 😀

      And to you, dear Molly, you brighten every day….thank you!

      • Would that be paragraph 4, section 2? LOL! Just kidding… I LOVED Bobin’s post .. who wouldn’t!!

      • I also agree wholeheartedly with paragraph 4! I said the same thing with the G & H litters…you should make it a condition of the sale to post one video per month on YouTube, with some KittyCam visits. I’m sure everyone else agrees that this is a wonderful idea! 😀 LOL!

  4. Bobin really said it all! We all love you, Molly! I’m so envious of Nevada and her husband! I’d love to get my hands on those little babies…even if it was for just a few minutes. I’m especially in love with India…

  5. Congratulations on the success of your Website, Molly! You continue to excel at creatively engaging a wonderful community of kitty lovers.

  6. LittlePrincessMom

    Yes Bobin said it all. Congratulations to you Molly and the kitties. Yes give your sister Nevada and her husband my Love. They will enjoy playing with these kittens. Let her know Princess is doing great. I am so happy they will all have great homes.. Blessings to you and all your kitties

  7. Well Molly, be careful when you open the door. She’s going to be making a B-LIne for the kittens and you’ll be a second thought after she’s fully inspected them for the required cuteness. Maybe hubby will be a diversion of sorts and she won’t trample you ~ LOL

    Is that a bad thing? Nah I don’t think so…. it’s a love fest and it’s in the blood. Hope you all have a wonderful visit, and when Neva’s finished with her contribution to “spoiling the kitties” they’ll be even MORE adorable!

    Enjoy your time together~
    “Auntie JAFO”

  8. ”Congratulations Mythicbells” .and of course ”Molly” and all her furry family….. what an achievement.?
    Very well said Bobin – you said it all – even the comment on Molly’s Dairy’ ? 😀
    I have really enjoyed watching all the videos over the years – and of course watching the little ones play and grow up – you do not know how much we really appreciate what you do. Enjoy time with your sister, I bet she will love to see you as much as she will seeing all your family. 😀

  9. popponessetbandit

    I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of something poignant to say…..but, I guess the numbers speak for themselves!! Congratulations!!
    It tells the “tail” that you have so many followers, and if they’re anything like me, you made us all laugh with joy, by being around your kitties. You have also taught us many things about kitty care. Thank you! I look forward to the 1million mark!!

  10. Yes Molly.. Bobin has said it so well … and he’s absolutely right about video posting requirements!! The kittens brighten my day and make me smile watching their cute antics and of course paw danglings in the air ( my favorite!)
    I hope the older kitties enjoy their visit with your sister, and that you do too!! Thank you for all you do for us cat owners and cat lovers. Congratulations on the 700,000 mark!

  11. popponessetbandit

    Murphy’s Law, But you did a remarkable job using kittty cam2 for the weigh in for us who are hooked on it. Even when you’re getting ready for company!!!!!!!! Enjoy your sister’s visit!!!!
    PS.I love her books!

    • Yes Popp, I echo what you said about cam2. When I saw camstreams were down, I thought I’d just try cam2 and, lo and behold, not only was it up and running but when it came to the weigh in, there was lovely Molly writing down the names and weights just so that us followers could see. I wanted to say thank you but couldn’t. So I’m saying it now.
      Thank you so much Molly.

      • I watched the weigh-in on Cam 2 also. Auntie Nevada seemed to enjoy helping! Thank you, as always, Molly! Enjoy your visit with your sister! 😀

  12. Great to hear that all is going well the ” I ” kittens! I am not at all surprised they have all been swooped quickly! I still would have loved to be an owner of a Mythicbells beauty but, I have to say the two we have adopted are sweeties! Hope you have a great visit with you Sister, and enjoy the help.

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