“I” Litter photos

For now *just* photos – newsy news later… here they are at 3.5 – 4 weeks old


8 responses to ““I” Litter photos

  1. LittlePrincessMom

    How adorable, Cutie,Cutie Pies. Love them all
    Loive and Kisses

  2. LittlePrincessMom

    Sorry I spelled love wrong

  3. LMP – you probably had it right first time.

    If the camera had been fitted with a ‘cuteometer’ it would be WAYYYYYYY off scale.

    Anyway thanks Molly (and Sahara for permission) for such lovely pics, videos, weigh-ins and stream of news. We really appreciate it


  4. Lorraine Brattin

    Oh how l love to look at these precious babies. Sending loads of kisses and cuddles to them all, plus the other kitties in the house. Thanks Molly for sharing the love of these little ones.


  5. I am just in love with each of those little faces! Sahara has never been more beautiful… 😀

  6. Just adorable I cant stop looking at them 😀

  7. Such precious little babies and Sahara looks so proud. 😀

  8. They are just the cutest little guys and girls. Just want to cuddle them all.

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