“I” Litter – 3 weeks old – photos

We are THREE weeks old today and we are doing great.  Some of us have tiny teeth coming in.  Last night Intrepid and Idaho tried to chew Molly’s fingers when she most stupidly dipped them in the chicken juice left from Mom’s dinner.  Today Molly squirted this horrid white stuff in our mouths and we are not speaking to her cuz our tails are out of joint.  We don’t care what she says about it bein’ stuff we have to have as part of Kitty Boot Camp.  KBC is a bunch of hooey as far as we are concerned.  Just as we start to get our feet under ourselves she does … what???  She says she’s going to clip our claws later today, but we say different!  HISSSSSS!  SPIT!

Molly put this huge pink box in our corral for us.  We plan to ignore it as long as possible, but it has these really cool holes in the sides right at our level just big enough for us to crawl through, but not big enough for mom.  It has some of that sandy dirt stuff inside.  It’s going to be hard to resist.


10 responses to ““I” Litter – 3 weeks old – photos

  1. ooo – What a feast of kitties…. Bags mine first since I’m first to comment!

  2. Those babies are so beyond precious!

  3. Once again … time for cuteness overload!!

  4. I just can’t stand how beautiful they are! Molly, will any of them grow up to look like Simba Kahn? He’s my favorite of your group (with Kalahari running a very close second).


    • So far many of Simba Kahn’s children look like him (i.e. cute face, tongue tip out) but none have yet retained his dark markings. Both of his parents are chinchilla silvers (like Tiny Bear and Kalahari) so I wonder if that has something to do with how much they all fade? who knows??

      • Molly…why could SK’s chinchilla silver parents have a shaded golden kitten, but two shaded goldens can’t have a silver?

      • It’s all in the genetics. It takes two gold genes to make a golden kitten, hence a golden kitten ONLY has gold genes to pass on to his or her kittens, so between Sahara and Simba Kahn we have FOUR gold genes, 2 going to each kitten – ergo, only gold kittens. BUT a silver can carry a gold gene and a silver gene. Silver is dominant, so the cat is silver, but has a hidden gold gene to pass on to 50% of his or her kittens. SO, if you have TWO silver parents, both with a hidden gold gene, then 25% of their kittens will be gold (2 gold genes), 50% will be silver with a hidden gold gene, and 25% will be silver with no gold genes..

      • Interesting…I have always found genetics fascinating! Well, one thing is for sure…all of your cats & kittens have a cute gene! 😀

  5. Dear Kittens, just hang in there guys. Things will get better. Auntie Molly is only doing her best for you and you will thank her for it when you get older. I think your big pink litter box is just lovely. You have a lot of happy playtimes to come and you’ve even learned to skate. Who could ask for more!!

    Lots of love and kisses – Griz

  6. LittlePrincessMom

    I adore all of them. They are just gorgerous. So glad I saw them and held them. I love their litter box. Pretty soon they will be going to the living room and exploring everything. That will be cute to watch. Take care
    Love and kisses and Blessings

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