4th of July Kitten Update

I’ve been keeping up well with kitten videos, but the blog has suffered just a tad. The kittens will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. Time flies! They continue to do extremely well and are becoming fat little fur balls. I set their corral up and took out the the kennel a little earlier than I usually do because of the heat wave here in the Bay Area. With the openness, I think they get a little more air flow. The nursery is the worst room in the house for ventilation though I do have air conditioning. It’s basically all Sahara’s fault because I have to keep the nursery door closed so the other cats can’t come in.

People are wondering if all of the kittens are spoken for. Basically, yes they are and pretty much have been since birth. I’ll be waiting until they are a little older before we decide who gets which kitten. This is such an exciting time for the adopting families.

I tried to get photos of each of the babies. I don’t know how well I did, but here’s a few I managed to get over the past few days. Hopefully each kitten is represented and in fair focus. They will be identified in the file names at the top when you click on the thumbnails.


8 responses to “4th of July Kitten Update

  1. Just Adorable !!! and could you please Molly ?? Decide that I can have all 4? 😀

  2. Echo Maggie’s comments. I am prepared to share with Maggie – Two for me, and two for her…? Bobin (NOT a greedy man…)

  3. Oh Molly,
    The kids are so cute. I wish that I could give one a forever home, but Florida is a bit far. I can hardly wait to seem them running around.

  4. Beyond adorable! I’m in love with all of them… 😀

  5. We are in sonoma now…and you better lock your doors 😉 I’m coming for nugget and those little fur babies!!!!

  6. Lorraine Brattin

    Oh Molly I am so jealous. I wish I was surrounded with all that cuteness. And you have 9 more weeks of it to enjoy, especially when they start to run and play with all the cool toys you have. I’m looking forward to following on the webcam as well. Sending loads of love and kisses to those precious furbabies and all of your other precious kitties.

    momw3himmies – Lorraine

  7. I can’t begin to feel how excited those adoptee families must be getting right now. Those babies are just soooo gorgeous. I watch every video, and the webcam with utterings of awwwws! I just wish someone would invent ‘ touch ‘ video so I could have a ‘ tickle ‘ too. 😀 .

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