The “I” Kittens today …


8 responses to “The “I” Kittens today …

  1. Getting bigger! Still so cute.

  2. Oh my goodness…cuteness overload! 😀

  3. Barbara Harris

    That Intrepid belly is so inviting!!

  4. Goodness how they’ve grown. Especially noticeabe in the ‘palm of your hand’ or rather spilling out of it. Well done to you and Sahara (and to the other kitties for keeping their noses out of it esp KF!)

  5. Love the tiny paw pads – so darn cute

  6. Wow! They’re the cutest things in the world. So precious!

  7. India reminds me of our little Buttercup: so delicate! so delicious! As she is still! All are very beautiful. I wonder what they “see” through their 3/4 open eyes! Must be kinda startling to discover the world beyond Sahara’s belly!

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