The kittens had their first visitors today …

FIRST!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I’ll make this for all present and future contributions in the “I” litter’s honor whether it be to the needy animals in your own country or town or to one of the charities I support.  Today I received a handful of cards from Cat House on the Kings informing us that people had donated in the “I” Litter’s name.  We are so honored that we’ve managed to touch lives who are in turn touching more lives.  How cool is that!  Thank you.

Although the kittens were the center of attention, I’m afraid Kalahari stole the show by playing fetch with the guests. He is such card! With someone to hold the kittens for me, I attempted to get some photos, but per usual kitty etiquette, cooperation was minimal. However I got a few worth posting. The kitten reclining is Idaho.  The kitten with 1 + 1-3/4  eyes open is India. I think the other is Ivanhoe, but I’m not sure.  Intrepid’s eyes are fully open as of today, and he is going to be a heart breaker with those huge eyes! India’s eyes are almost open, but not quite.  Idaho and Ivanhoe will probably see the world in another day or so.


6 responses to “The kittens had their first visitors today …

  1. Too darn cute for words!

    Perfect timing, Molly. I really needed a pick-me-up right at the moment. Even long-distance kitties are soul-soothing. Thanks for posting.

  2. The generosity and love that is so prevalent here Molly is the highest compliment to what you and the Kitties provide to us “out here”. Nothing better that that GF! Blessings to All the watchers and the Stars of the KittyCam~

  3. I’m in love with each of the kittens! They couldn’t be more precious! 😀

  4. Lovely, lovely photos. They look so relaxed but then what kitten wouldn’t feel relaxed at Mythicbells. 😀

  5. Wonderful pics of wonderful kitties.
    I am sure I have said this before – for other kitties – but its still true…
    Glad kitties will be able to see the wornderful world that Mollyy has providedm, and of course, eventually, the other adults to tease…


  6. It’s torture seeing these kittens and not putting my name on the list. But I AM lucky because I get to go home every afternoon and see my wonderful little Molly greet me at the door. These little kittens HAVE to be angels in disguise. Thank you Molly dear friend.

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