The “I” Litter is one week old today – photos!

The babies are identified in their file names.  Sorry I didn’t get equal representation for each kitten.  They are all very sleek, fat little kits.  Sahara and I are so proud of them.  They’ve continued to gain weight throughout their first week of life and now weight 5.0 – 6.5 oz.  They started off at 2.9 oz – 3.5 oz at birth with India as the smallest (first born) and Ivanhoe as the largest (last born).  Their eyes are just beginning to peek open.  By the end of the week they’ll be looking at their new world.


4 responses to “The “I” Litter is one week old today – photos!

  1. The kittens are all just absolutely precious! Those little faces are SO cute…I want to smooch each one! 😀

  2. Lorraine Brattin

    It’s just amazing that they almost double their weight in one week. Oh my gosh they are so adorable. Like Mindy I want to smooch those little babies too. So for those of us who enjoy watching them grow please give extra kisses to these little one’s. Give Sahara some special loving too as she is such an awesome momma.

    With hugs,

  3. Just Beautiful, what fun they will be having in the next few weeks 😀

  4. Wonderful pictures, they are growing so quickly and the photo of Idaho asleep in your hand with Sahara looking on so lovingly is just adorable!! 😀

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