“I” Litter Mug Shots

Below is an example of the shaded golden transformation.  The photo on the left is a kitten with the darker classic markings from the “G” Litter at about 3 weeks old.  The photo on the right is complements of Mickey (milk name: Goliath) as he looked this winter at just under a year old.  You can see that his eyes are changing to green but not quite there yet.  Complete eye color change for goldens can take up to two years.


10 responses to ““I” Litter Mug Shots

  1. All of the I babies are SO precious! It’s amazing how much they have changed already and it will be fascinating to watch them continue to change. Mickey is, of course, adorable! 😀

  2. oooo Delightful, and thanks Molly

    Mug-shots! I can see that will be necessary for their I-den-kitty Cards!
    Are you PAWsing for footprints as well?


  3. Such darling little faces…… it looks as if Idaho and Ivanhoe are reacting to Bobin’s puns. 😀

  4. As they say in Cat Blogosphere Land…Squeeee! Great to see the color changes, too.

  5. cute kittens. I enjoy the kam very much these days and my Granny sends her love to the kitties as well. She wants you to know she enjoyed the real-time show of the kittens w/ their mom, which she watched from my notebook. Mythicbells kittens are so wonderful!! thank you for showing us such beauties. 🙂

  6. Mary Yurchuck

    I’ve learned so much about kittens/cats from you Molly, who would think these little guys would change so much in coloring in a year. I will continue to be a big fan of Mythicbells tales ! All of the kittens are so cute!

  7. As a proud parent of three Mythicbells Persians, they do change in color but they’re loving personalities, developed from the start thanks to Molly, endure throughout their lives.

  8. Molly, I really love looking on your website and following all the news on blog/webcam.
    This is the first time we (my husband Peter loves it too) have been able to follow the progress of kittens from birth. Our own 3 adored ‘babies’ were all rescue cats and our eldest is 13 so we are pretty experienced, but I’ve learned so much from you. I only realised the other day that, even though I always use Dr Elsey’s litter, I’m not keeping it deep enough so not getting the full benefit.
    The darling ‘I’ litter kittens are entrancing and so beautifully cared for by Sahara. I understand the mother stimulates the kittens’ behinds to produce urine/faeces as she cleans them so they’re continuously perfectly clean – isn’t this truly wonderful?
    In addition though, I so admire the superb environment you provide, such a lovely home for yourself and the pussycats. One question – do you mind telling me what happened to Nugget’s eye? Is she OK? I must have missed the story.
    A long post, sorry, I’m sure you’ve better things to do – but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and trouble you go to to give us so much pleasure.
    Thank you very much.

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