Close ups of each little “I” Kitten

Five days old today, and they are all doing well.  I managed to get some photos of them that are actually in focus and more or less show their little faces.  You can also see the two different types of tabby markings better.  Great photos of Sahara as well.  Remember, these little dark larvae will look a lot like Sahara when they grow up.  I know.  Hard to believe.

India with the dark classic tabby markings - 3.8 oz today

Intrepid with the dark classic tabby markings - 4.7 oz today

Idaho with the McTabby markings - 4.2 oz today

Ivanhoe with the McTabby markings - 5.1 oz today


10 responses to “Close ups of each little “I” Kitten

  1. Sahara looks so relaxed………… : )

  2. OMG!!! Sooo adorable Molly! Just got the warm fuzzies 🙂

  3. Well. jmh, if youve got the ‘warm fuzziness’ then you’ll just have top mop up after yourself!

    Lovely pics, Molly, thanks to you (and Sahara for her permission too).

  4. Great pics, Molly, thank you!! Sahara is a lovely mama! LOL….”larvae” 😀 Sweetest little larvae ever!! Love the eensy paw pads!

  5. Sahara and Simba Kahn’s babies are just beautiful! It’s amazing how quickly they get bigger! They look SO much bigger than when they were born! Thank you so much for everything you share with us! 😀

  6. Just gorgeous! lucky you, you get to hold them! Sahara seems totally calm this time around!

  7. Beautiful !!!! 😀 I want one…. lol !!! I wish.

  8. Lorraine Brattin

    I just love looking at these precious babies. Thanks for getting the individual pictures put up and I am looking forward til they get to about 3 weeks and are moving around a bit. Give them loads of kisses and cuddles from me. I really think this whole litter Izzadorable. Ha I actually found that name when I was looking up “I” names for kittens.


  9. Thank you for the lovely pics Molly. They are so beautiful and getting more and more beautiful every day.
    Just want to say Happy Fathers Day to Simba Kahn, he must be a very proud daddy!

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