The rest of the gang – photoshoot & kitten update

First, a short update on the kittens.  All four gained weight since last weigh-in.  This is what we always like to see — gain every day or Molly gets on their case and nobody likes that!  Idaho and Ivanhoe are running neck and neck as the biggest at 4 oz — Idaho was a tiny bit under 4 oz, but it was hard to tell for sure with Sahara running interference.  Intrepid is not far behind at 3.8 oz, and India is 3.4 oz.  Sahara is her usual over protective self, but doing an excellent job.

It’s always difficult to get good photos of the babies at this age, but I will try for some “mug shots” at some point in the next week or so.  In the mean time I had some fun out in the enclosure with the other kitties.  We are all loving this summer weather.  Here they are – plus a couple of earlier shots of Sequoia being … well … Sequoia:

13 responses to “The rest of the gang – photoshoot & kitten update

  1. popponessetbandit

    The photos are marvelous. Kalahari is such a beautiful boy, Sequoia is her silly self, Simba Khan is such a stud muffin, Sirocco, with her beautiful eyes, and Tiny Bear her playful supreme highness…..
    Glad you have taken time to enjoy your adult kitties, even when you are in “Kitten Mode”.
    I am amazed how you handle it all, Sahara, the kittens, the blog, and vids. Do you ever sleep? Maybe in the nursery with the babies. Thank you. I’m hooked, again.

  2. Molly, thanks for taking the time to update on the tiny tots and Sahara, and also for the beautiful photos of the older kitties…they are simply gorgeous! Simba Kahn is looking particularly studly and very much the proud daddy!! 😀

  3. Beautiful photo shoot as always Molly, Simba Khan looks so proud and so he should :D.. Sequoia is still keeping us all guessing, (bless her heart), TB and KF just adorable.
    Sahara is such a wonderful mum – have been watching on and off some of my day, she is doing such a grand job with her babies. Thanks once again as I am sure from us all – for the time you give to us on here and producing such lovely videos and the 24/7 camstream and of course the chat area.. All the credit goes to you and your beautiful furry family 😀

  4. Thanks for the update and photos Molly!!! There are all so gorgeous 🙂

  5. I echo Maggie and everyone’s comments on you, Molly and the beautiful kitties, both Adult, KF and babies.

    It was suggested on Webcam chat, (and it wasn’t my idea – alas), that people who appreciate Molly and her kitties may wish to give a donation ‘for Molly and her I Kitties’ to Molly’s favourite cat charity, namely The Cat House on the Kings

    They will take credit cards or paypal.
    UK viewers who do not want their donation to suffer the depredations of credit card currency exchange vandals, could donate to an appropriate UK Cat charity of their choice.

    I mention this idea here, purely to get a wider coverage than the fleeting publicity of those who happened to be on chat at the time last night (UK) afternoon(USA).

    Just a thought – we have all benefited so much from Molly’s time, patience and expertise, so freely given. Seems to me a good way to say ‘thank you’. Miaw-a-Bobin.

    • What a wonderful idea, thank you, Bobin and all who though of it … and yes, it doesn’t need to be one of the charities I support as I’m sure kitties in other areas need nappies, toys, food, etc. just as much where ever you live. My kitty gang will be so thrilled that they are making a difference around the world. I do hesitate to tell them as they tend to get more insufferable than they already are.

    • Bobin – thanks for passing this bit of Webcam chat on. It’s a brilliant idea and I’ve just put a cheque, made out to Cats Protection, into an envelope….it should get there by Tuesday…..

  6. As always, you captured beautiful shots of everyone, Molly! Sequoia and the basket was priceless! After life dies down a bit with the iLitter, you really should talk to Polly about how to get your pictures in calendars, etc 😀

  7. Kalahari and his dirty chin…. (shakes head fondly)
    and I burst out laughing when I saw the first picture of Sequoia in the basket.

  8. Thanks for the photos and update Molly, Sequoia is so funny, she seems to have swapped the sink for the basket.
    I would like to send my donation to the Cats Protection League here in the UK. I do often support the CPL but this particular donation will be, as Bobin says, a thank you for sharing your Mythicbells life with all of us. 😀

    • TY!! Grizabella – all the Mythicbells kitties and I love the idea that Brit-Kits will benefit from our little Mythicbells ‘reality’ show over here across The Pond … :D:D:D:D

    • Thanks for reminding me about Cats Protection Grizabella. The cheque is in the post!

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