“I” Litter genders and milk names …

I know this is very early but I’m going to call the genders.  Consider these tentative for now.  I could be wrong.  Everyone is doing fine, including Sahara.  She “allowed” me to get the bedding completely changed this morning which always makes me feel better after a birth.  She was a little more nervous during the morning weigh-in and only tried to drag a couple of the children back into the nest.  All kittens have gained since birth and are quite vigorous.

Here are their genders and milk names, and for once I actually know their birth order.  I attempted to color code them as they were born by tipping one ear with a sharpie pen.  That ink does not have staying power however, so a few hours later I painted toes with nail polish.  You can see a pink toe in the photo below.  The two tabby patterns helps, so we have  Classic Tabby (swirly like daddy Simba Kahn) – green & red and McTabby (stripes around the body like a tiger) – green & red.

India – First born and the smallest (Classic Tabby): Female
Intrepid – Second born (Classic Tabby): Male
Idaho – Third born (McTabby): Male
Ivanhoe – Fourth born and the largest (McTabby): Male

The “I” Litter a day after birth


15 responses to ““I” Litter genders and milk names …

  1. Lovely names – ‘Inspired’ as always.
    Might ‘India’ beome ‘Indiana’ perhaps, to more clearly identify her as a girl?
    Who knows – we will see as theitrr personalities develop.

    Well done Molly, Sahara and kitties.


  2. It would be killing me not to hold and cuddle them, but I know that wouldn’t be good. So sweet.

  3. Awesome names ………….. !!!!!!

  4. How lovely they are – we (Peter and I) watch the webcam. Darling Sahara – amazing that a couple of days ago she was enjoying her gentle life with you & her friends and now she takes up her responsibilities with total confidence and commitment. We so hope all goes well for you all – the babes look very lively! I think it’s fairly easy to spot Ivanhoe – & have seen Sahara regarding him with an expression of surprise! Ooh – he’s a handful!

  5. LOVE the names Molly!!!! “Intrepid” is great 😀 Thanks so much. I forgot about the weigh-ins. Will have to start doing the KittyCam again 😛 So happy all the kitties are doing well. Sahara is a “kitten machine” 😀

  6. What adorable babies! Congrats Sahara, Simba Kahn, and Molly:) I especially love the name India.

  7. 😀 Love the names also Molly, I thought of India, seems a good name these days even with humans.. I have watched Sahara on and off during my day, and found her very, very tentative, she is an amazing mum……her eyes did not close often, which is expected. I will as we all will enjoy their few months ahead. Thank you for that experience – as always.

  8. Watching Sahara and her babies has brought brightness to my day! Thank you!

  9. ………And then, of course, every new picture has to be printed and shared with my co-workers and family. Then there are all the awww’s and oooooh’s because they are sooooooo cute. Molly, do you have any idea how many peoples days you brighten? Also, I’m sure there are families that are now wishing for 12 weeks to go by REALLY fast.

  10. “I”deal names Molly. Glad to hear all are doing well.

    Thanks for keeping the kittycam on the new family!

  11. LittlePrincessMom

    I love all their names. you are very creative. Can’t wait to see them. I am so glad they are all doing very well. Blessings to all of them.

  12. Half sisters Honey Bear ( A litter) and Buttercup (B litter) say welcome!

  13. Jessie & Bruce & Austin

    Congratulations on the arrival of I litter!! They are just as adroable as Austin, lol…

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