Mythicbells news?

By now all of you  probably think that I’ve forsaken the BLOG.  I don’t seem to have enough time in the day for everything and I fear the BLOG is one of the first items to suffer.  Via Lurk Mode on KittyCam, I am aware that excitement is building in regards to upcoming kittens.  People ask how Sahara is doing and while I don’t exactly ignore them, I often wander off with my hair in a knot after Sequoia who needs attention, or Simba Kahn who needs supervision, or Nugget who’s on the kitchen counter staring at me because she’s trained me to feed her up there – Fancy Feast only, if you please.  So, questions about Sahara are likely to go un-answered.  I have not seen a lot of speculation on “I” names?  I suspect this is due to word getting out that if someone comes up with a really cool “I” name that I have on my list, then I have to take it off per the Name Game Rule Book. 😀 — still, I always enjoy the excitement everyone feels around kitten time.

Now that I’ve made myself sound “oh so important” around here — lol — yes, I am busy, but I’m not sure what occupies my time so completely.  In any case, here’s a recap of the news.  Sahara IS pregnant, but I think you already know that.  She is doing very well by all appearances and occupies her time by demanding food, whining for attention, rolling in the sun on the patio, or doing her beached whale imitation right in harm’s way where I walk back and forth to the kitchen.   Oh, and she risks my life daily weaving in and out of my legs whenever I have the food tray in my hands.  It’s been the longest kittenless spell I’ve had since I started this enterprise in fall of 2005.  Kittens are so exciting, but it’s also a very tense time for me as I plan the logistics of housing the kittens with a psycho mom and also care for the other cats as well.  The birth its self is probably the greatest cliff-hanger, but so far Sahara has always had easy deliveries, and though she’s crazier than a bedbug when she has kittens, she is an excellent mommy and has always had healthy little babies.   The “I” litter will be Sahara’s forth litter.  She was mother to the “C,” “E,” and “G” litters.  Over all, I’m expecting things to go well.

Here she is on the porch of the Little House in the Woods which, by-the-way, is an unqualified success with all the kitties:

Else where in the news.

I still have my two sleeping buddies: Nugget and Sirocco.  They are SO cute.  I wised up and got them each a bed to put ON my bed and they sleep in them all night.  Adorable.  During the day the beds are usually occupied as well.  Nugget is doing well.  She’s still neurotic, but what can you do?  I took her off the prozac as I don’t think it was helping much.  She’s adjusted to the Princess Panties, though I have to admit that the whole stud pants/princess pantie thing is both good and bad.  I generally will put them on a given cat when I just want to relax and/or they are acting weird doing their ‘sniffing routine.’  Personally this is what I think THEY are thinking: “Fercrissakes! I just marked this place and Molly went and wiped it down, so now I have to mark it again.  When will she learn??”

Sirocco reached critical mass on Sunday past with the out-of-fashion greasy look, so I took my courage in hand, put on my hip-waders, my apron, got all of my gear organized and gave her a bath.  I prevailed but when I was done, she’d pulled every container holding any kind of cleaning liquid off of the counter on to the floor, the towel had been drug into the sink so was useless when I needed it, and I was as soaked as she was.  But as you can see below she cleans up nice.

My sleeping buddies in their little beds

Sirocco after her bath - ruff all nicely trimmed up

A few weeks ago I implemented the cabana for Simba Kahn.  Those of you who are not familiar with the ‘cabana,’ it’s a cage I can roll up over the cat door which allows Simba Kahn to come in to sleep if he wants but he also has access to the enclosure.  This is only for the night.  During the day the cage door is open and everyone comes and goes as they please.  Lately I’ve been leaving him a buddy or two out to play with.  Usually Gypsy Rose, Kalahari, or Sequoia.  And of course he can visit  through the bars of the cabana inside — which he does — perching on the shelf looking like a little hoot owl, with his tail feathers hanging down below.  Below is Simba Kahn during the day — on my bed.  Where else??

Who haven’t I mentioned?  Tiny Bear, Gypsy Rose, Sequoia, Kalahari.  They are all doing well.  I do hope that Sequoia will have kittens this year, but I’m not planning on allowing that to happen until Sahara’s kittens are adopted.  Unfortunately due to the late start we are getting this year, it may be too late in the year for Sequoia to go into heat, but time will tell as to how that works out.

In the mean time, like I said above, my days are busy.  The summer has been reluctant to arrive here, but the weather is getting good enough that I’m spending quite a bit of time getting my garden in shape.  Between that, the kitty chores, and the general housekeeping the days are full.


13 responses to “Mythicbells news?

  1. Jennifer Heizer

    AWESOME newsy update! So happy to hear the confirmation that Simba Kahn has done his duty and Sahara is pregnant again!!! I can’t wait. Such an exciting time and, yes, it does seem like it has been along time since I’ve been to the kittycam. Thanks Molly 🙂

  2. BobinoStrawberries

    You still manage to pack in more that a dozen of us ‘mere mortals’, but of course, you do have so much more ‘help’!

    Lovely to hear all the news, and of course see the pics… Sirocco has ‘brished up’ REALLY well… she is SUCH a beauty.

    Love to all. Bobin
    PS A very big THANK YOU for taking the trouble to update us so fully.

  3. So cool that Sahara is going to have kittens! Can’t wait to see them. Do you have an estimated delivery date? Or is that a heavily guarded secret?


  4. Thanks for the newsy update, Molly! I’m so looking forward to seeing those cute little kitten faces! Will it hurt Sequoia’s chances of mating if she doesn’t get pregnant soon?

    • Well, Sequoia hasn’t gone into heat, so the point is moot. She may be a natural late bloomer as many Persians are … there are no guarantees just like with humans, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Thanks for the update and beautiful pictures Molly. Along with every one else, I await, with great excitement, the arrival of the ‘I’ litter. So glad Sahara is keeping well.

  6. Like everyone else I too am looking forward to the “I” litter. We should all have a fun summer of kitten watching. Thanks for the great update Molly.

  7. Thank you Molly for the interesting blog. Looking forward also to Sahara’s new litter soon. 🙂

  8. Mary Yurchuck

    What great news and I love the kitty condo! they are so cute sitting on the porch! hope you had a peaceful Memorial Day.

  9. I just received the newsletter.Thank you so much for providing monthly news and grat Alumni Pics. But I have a question:where is Furruccio? I mean, it’s nice to see Etherie’s doing well but where is her buddy &brother?I’m curious. 😀

    • Furruccio is doing great and into mischief as much as his family can handle according to reports. They just happened to get a couple of good photos of Etherie to me this time. I’m sure they would have loved to send some Furruccio photos as well … but he was probably just a blur as he raced by.

  10. My, my, Molly….. Lot’s of news. Thank you for the update. I WAS wondering where you were but I just imagined that the kitties probably fill your day. I’m glad Sahara is doing well and I hope the delivery goes well too. There is great speculation as to what names the I litter will be given. I can’t even imagine so I’ll just wait and see. The pictures are spectacular especially the ones of Sirocco. Of course you know I’m a little partial to her because of our little Molly who by the way is doing wonderfully. One of her favorite things is to meet and greet family and friends when they come by to visit. She’s very social.

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