Fun little photo shoot today with the kitties …

9 responses to “Fun little photo shoot today with the kitties …

  1. Lovely photos Molly as always !! Did you happen to lock Kalahari in the the cabin…!!!

  2. Mary Yurchuck

    Thanks again Molly for sharing the photos! You and the furry beauties. Videos and photos never fail to put a smile on my face. Also Molly have you heard that Delta will no longer fly Persians in their cargo area. Delta Airlines stated that Persian Cats and some dogs will not be transported as the air quality in the cargo area may cause harm to them. This was of concern to me as I am still looking for a pair of Persians .

  3. Simply beautiful pictures, Molly, as usual! You really should consider submitting a collection of your pictures to the calendar companies! Your knack for capturing amazing expressions and ‘poses’ is fantastic (we all know it’s not in a cat’s contract to pose, but from your shots, it sure seems like you figured out the magic trick to it)! You could make some $ for something you enjoy doing anyway… :o)

  4. I read that Delta will not fly ANY short-faced breed in the cargo area of their planes. That includes Pit Bulls, Bulldogs, and Persian cats. 16 dogs died on Delta flights last year and 10 of them were Bulldogs. Our Missy and Molly will never see a plane. On a lighter note, your picture session is beautiful as usual. They are all looking so well. Can’t wait for the kittens.

    • Very interesting, Len! One of the reasons I don’t ship cats is because I’d just worry too much about it the entire time. I have, however, sent a number of kittens off with their new families carrying them aboard to fly in the cabin.

  5. I saw on a recent Cats 101 that there is an animal shipping airline that carries all the pets in the cabin area.

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