Little cabin in the woods of Mythicbells …

It turns out that my kitties didn’t have absolutely everything.

(sorry these photos were taken with my phone so aren’t the best quality)

Just out of the box and have the cabin assembled. Tiny Bear performs the rerquired inspection.

We now have the rest of it put together. It has a sun deck and a porch. It's also insulated and water proof (?).

Gypsy Rose is the only one who will go inside. The others are all scared of it.

The next day I’ve moved it to a more secluded place in the enclosure, dug holes for several legs and leveled it up.  Gypsy Rose investigates the new location.


17 responses to “Little cabin in the woods of Mythicbells …

  1. I am entranced by KittyKabin.

    Well designed for kitiies of all tastes I think – but will they?

    Wonder who will ‘adopt’ it?
    Will occupant of roof object to having ‘inside resident(s)’ or visa versa?

    Mythickabin awaits inspection… Bobin

  2. omg molly, i love this! the pic of GR inside is to die fur…!

  3. What a lovely cabin! GR dimonstrated it’s a safe place to be, so I wonder why the other kitties are scared of it.

  4. That is just about the cutest thing I ever saw, especially with GR “modeling.” I wish I could buy one for my feral kitty; alas, I know she wouldn’t go near it unless I could somehow launch it twenty feet in the air, with a way for only her to reach it and no one else. Your kitties are so spoiled, Molly! Very cute purchase!

  5. That’s adorable! You have some very lucky kitties! 😀

  6. LittlePrincessMom

    Oh Molly I love the kitty house. I bet Princess would go into it too. Shes a lot like her sister GR. Great pictures of GR in it. Blessings

  7. Adorable – I want one LOL !!! Perhaps you ought to have a house warming party and invite all the kitties – 😀

  8. Jennifer Heizer

    OMG!! What an amazing little house for kitties. It looks like GR has already moved in 🙂

  9. Love it! Where o where did you find the KittyKabin?

    BTW, for the sibling files: BC doesn’t understand she is supposed to cover her business with litter. She jumps out of the box and scratches on the floor, then walks away. Yesterday, she and HB were using side-by-side boxes. After BC did her thing and left it uncovered, HB (after covering properly her own business), walks over to the other box, sniffs, jumps in and covers BC’s business. I think I actually saw her roll her eyes at her silly little sister!

    • HBBC Mom – Silly little sister, BC! Well what are big sister’s for?? I have a couple of kitties that don’t cover well, and Sirocco who works VERY hard at covering, and completely misses the whole point and finally just leaps out of the box.

    • That’s too cute that HB cleaned up for BC! Both of my girls work very hard, to the point of obsession (and annoyance), but neither manages to cover anything…LOL! Phoebe occasionally runs out so fast, she ends up with a ‘segment’ landing on the floor! I call this “premature evacuation.” LOL! 😀 My mom doesn’t think it’s too funny… >^.^<

  10. And Happy Mother’s Day to Tiny Bear and Molly, who brought our beautiful furbabies into the world and nurtured and loved them before we adopted them!!

  11. Good thing you didn’t buy at the peak of the housing bubble! =D
    GR is queen of the hi rise!

  12. Just when I thought your kitties have everything they could possibly have, the kitty version of the summer house arrives. I have just been watching the Kitty Cabin on the ‘nightfrolic’ video. I think it’s absolutely fabulous. Lovely photos of Gypsy Rose ‘staking her claim’. She’s one smart lady, she knows a good thing when she sees it!

  13. Veronica (Chewy)

    The kitty’s are totally spoiled! And they deserve it of course. 🙂
    Now they can get away to their own private cottage. Now all they need is a little private swimming pool….oh wait! They have a little pond!

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