Kitten hopeful … again

I’m thinking we might expect kittens in mid-June.  Sahara has begun to gain weight and all seems well at the moment.  As always, one never knows the direction nature may take us, but this is promising.  Sahara and the rest of the kitties are enjoying what is sure to be a brief summer spell of hot weather before the marine layer moves back in to cool things off…. but she keeps me busy by sauntering into the house for a little snack a gazillion times a day.  So, she’s eating well and getting plenty of exercise.  She almost caught her second bird just the other day.  Well, the silly thing landed right in the enclosure!  What was a cat to do?  The bird realized the error of its ways almost immediately and staggered back into the air with Sahara and two of her handmaidens dancing in hot pursuit.


19 responses to “Kitten hopeful … again

  1. Handmaidens…. *snickers* I’m so glad to hear that your kitten dry spell is ending! Yay!

  2. Yay! Sahara’a symptoms sound really promising this time! 😀

  3. LOL, Molly you have SUCH a wonderful way with words!! The visual from this post is sweet and hilarious! *Keeping fingers crossed re: Sahara’s being PG* ;D

  4. must agree with the snicker part 🙂

    Who were said handmaidens? Koi Koi and Sirocco?

    • I must say I have the stupidest image of Sahara and who I imagine the handmaidens to be prancing/bounding after the bird, looking up into the sky, with little pal pink ribbons and delicate trails of flowers floating in their wake (it’s stupid because it’s straight out of those old Romantic period oil paintings with kittens looking adorable and frolicking about… I’ll try to find an example if anyone needs it.

    • Handmaidens were Gypsy Rose and one other who wishes to remain anonymous (translated: there was a herd of kitties out there and I don’t remember who the second one was)

  5. Lorraine Brattin

    Oh yeah!!! I am so ready to get back on the kitten website and watch all of those adorable babies again. I am actually getting ready to get a new kitten on May 14th and am naming her Widjen. I used to visit the webcam a lot and I look forward to visiting with you Molly and bobin and all the rest. Yeah Sahara!! How exciting this news is! Hugs to all, Lorraine
    aka momw3himmies, soon to be momw4himmies LOL

  6. Good Luck Molly, I do hope Sahara is expecting – would be lovely to watch a patter of tiny paws once again, seems ages 🙂

  7. Hasn’t our weather been beautiful lately? I’ve practically been watching my garden grow while I stand in it! I hope kitten time is upon us – I could really use an online kitten “fix”!

  8. Bring on the iLitter!
    Much love to Sahara.


  9. Wonderful news. WooooHoooooooooo

    SK has done us all proud (and if he hasn’t ** I ** will want to know the reason why!).
    Bobin (NotQuiteaDukeYet) Cambridge

  10. I am sure Sahara will continue to let you know if expecting and will expect her staff to continue to treat her accordingly … ” her like a Queen”

  11. Oh my!! …. I’m getting excited already. Somebody must have been hmnn-ing again. Maybe we should all do it…… ready? ….. Hmnnn……

  12. I bet the folks on the waiting list are excited. I remember how anxious we were till the day came that we could bring our little Molly home. It will be a joyous Summer at Mythicbells. I can hardly wait to see them.

  13. popponessetbandit

    Not yet can you hold our tiny paws,
    Nor whisper in our ear.
    It’s still to soon to sing a song,
    Or cuddle us so near.
    But all will change come this summer,
    When they say we are due.
    We are your newest kittens,
    Can’t wait to meet all of you! =^.^=

  14. LittlePrincessMom

    Oh I am so happy to hear the great news. Wonderful news. Will be looking forward to seeing the babies on the kitty Cam and talking to everyone. Blessings to you Molly and Sahara and the rest of the Kitties

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