Another mini photoshoot

The weather is almoster nicer today …


6 responses to “Another mini photoshoot

  1. GR is purr-fection as usual
    KF always manages to get himself into everything, doesn’t he?
    Just ‘by accident’ of course…

    • Gorgeous pictures of the girls, but where do you see Kalahari? Did I miss him in one of the pictures?

      • Mindy – you are right – I think I mistook TB for KF… but I am equally sure if he’s not in these photos, its not for want of trying!!

      • I’m sure you’re right, Bobin! Kalahari definitely loves being in the center of everything! :o)

  2. LOL!! Bob I do not think it is by accident he is a showman 😀
    Beautiful photo’s.

  3. Good to see your ‘almoster nicer’ weather has tempted Nugget out.

    We have very nicer weather here in the UK at the moment as the sun has decided to make an appearance today and it is quite warm too….. almost Californian weather you could say. 😀

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