Still Waiting ….

I fear we have a while longer to wait for kittens.  Although Sahara was in heat about a month ago, I’m seeing no sign at all that she is PG … sorry folks!  Especially those on the waiting list.  Hopefully she will go back into heat soon and we can start waiting again.  😀

In the meantime, the kitties and I are all enjoying the nice change in our weather.  Here’s a few photos I captured of Sirocco this past week.


8 responses to “Still Waiting ….

  1. Sahara is just being a typical lady… keeping everyone waiting and guessing as to what is going on. She will let you know in HER own good time.

  2. Jennifer Heizer

    Oh well…it will just make it even more special when it does happen!! Sahara just isn’t ready yet. Maybe Koi Koi will go into heat before Sahara!! That would be something. Sirocco is beautiful as usual 🙂 Thanks for the update Molly.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that. I was so looking forward to seeing new little siblings of Mickey’s. Oh well, it well happen when it’s supposed to, I guess.

  4. Sirocco’s eyes are just amazing! 😀 Hopefully something will happen with Sahara or Sequoia soon. Kinda ironic that you were trying to prevent having two litters at the same time again and now it looks like there won’t be even one. Oh well…I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

  5. Well, I was hoping to see some kittens soon but nature will take its course. It’s always a joy to see pictures of our little Molly’s mom, Sirocco. Molly’s eyes are just like her Mom’s (mesmerizing). In a few weeks Molly will be a year old and what a joy she is. She still kisses my chin almost every night.

  6. Delightful comments from everyone, which I echo.
    Come on SK – strut your stuff, man…

  7. Wendy Marczak


    Your persians are so beautiful. They are so well cared for and you can see this in all the pictures and video clips. I have had a minimum of 2 persians for 20+ years and they continue to amaze me. I was wondering about Simba Kahn. You say he is from MN. Is the breeder you adopted him from still around and raising persian babies? I live in MN and have started looking for another addition to my fur family.



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