Happy Birthday Simba Kahn!

He’s five years old today.  I adopted him in June of 2006 after he made a harrowing flight from Minnesota.  I wonder if that’s why he’s so neurotic?  😀

This is where he spends a rainy day–on my bed, usually with Sirocco, Tiny Bear, Nugget, Gypsy Rose, and Kalahari:


29 responses to “Happy Birthday Simba Kahn!

  1. Happy birthday, handsome! And congrats to Molly as well!

  2. A very Happy Birthday to a very handsome young man. It’s hard for me to grab the fact that he is so young. All those kids he has…………gee whiz…….
    ALL THE BEST SK !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jennifer Heizer

    Happy Birthday Simba Kahn!!! What better way to celebrate than being surrounded by most of the girls and, equally handsome, Kalahari 😀

  4. I love you Simba Kahn, you handsome birthday boy, you!

    Now, go knock on KoiKoi’s door, and get some good birthday lovin’!

  5. LOL!!!! DC I Third that !!!!!!:D
    ‘Happy Birthday Simba Kahn’ you have many more years with the girls. enjoy !!!!

  6. Lovely pictures Molly. Best wishes to the birthday boy, with many more birthdays and kittens to come. 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday SK.
    Get in there before Molly finds competition…
    Thats my advice man to men (and as we men are so victimised here, we MUST stick together!)

    Remember, you are only as good as your most recent performance…


  8. Happy Birthday to the all time stud! and just how many children do you have?

  9. Happy, Happy 5th Birthday, Beautiful Simba Kahn! ♥

  10. Mom of HBBC Mom

    Happy Birthday Dad!

    Love, Honey Bear (“A” litter) and Buttercup (“B” litter).

  11. Happy Birthday to dear Daddy!! And nice to know I will have new brothers and sisters in May, LOL…
    — From Mythicbells Austin

  12. LittlePrincessMom

    Happy Happy Birthday Simba Kahn. You are so Beautiful. (Its my Wedding Anniversary also). Miss Princess sends you love too. Enjoy the rest of the day. Hugs and kisses

  13. Happy Birthday, Simba Kahn! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! 😀

  14. Veronica (Chewy)

    Happy Birthday to sweet Simba Kahn! 32 children is quite impressive. He’s created a nation of beautiful kitties. Love his tongue sticking out. 😀

  15. Happy Birthday, Daddy! And tell Molly that you’re not neurotic because of the flight from Minnesota — you were born that way. How do I know? Because I’m scared of every little noise, and nothing bad or traumatic EVER happened to me! I’m just a ‘fraidy cat by nature!

    Love from your son, Mickey the Big Fluff Ball (and Sally and Jill, too!)

    • Interesting! Most kitties are jumpy in nature. i.e. don’t like loud noises, etc. Just this morning I dropped something and made a noise (not even a loud one, mind you!) just as the kitties were all gathering to eat, and I had a stampede. But Simba Kahn is much more than jumpy. He must pass that on to a certain percentage of his kittens. Of his 32 children, I have reports now of about 3 who are more jumpy than the average cat. I don’t know if they are as bad as Dad is, though … fortunately they all seem to be fine with family members. None of the mothers are more skittish than average, though Sirocco is a little shy. Kalahari is not as outgoing as Gypsy Rose, but he’s pretty okay except when workers are in the house, then he’s under the bedspread upstairs. What a baby!

      • Phoebe is much more skittish and jumpy than Zoey, and they have experienced the exact same, relatively stress-free life since they are litter mates. Zoey freaks out at the vet, to the point of needing to be pre-medicated, while Phoebe is scared, but fine. Who knows…I suppose it’s just like siblings who have very different personalities. I even know identical twins whose personalities are complete polar opposite!

      • Yes, I find that to be very true. Also they often change over time. As kittens they might not be that skittish, but will grow very skittish as adults. That was the case with Simba Kahn. I think it can go the other way as well, but would imagine not so much. My late Himalayan, Josephine, for example, was very shy as a kitten, but became much more relaxed as she aged. An earlier litter in 2006 — Tiny Bear had just 2 kittens, both male silvers. They went to the same home as a pair. Reports from the family are that one is laid back to the point of ridiculous – incl. vet visits – while the other is fine with the family, but developed an extreme fear of the vet … I don’t know about general skittishness.


      • Mickey started out not afraid of anything, not cars, not people, nothing — he was fearless. And then — mind you, nothing happened in between — he now runs for cover at the slightest little noise, far worse than your average skittish cat. For instance, he was sleeping in his tree the night before last, and I moved my foot suddenly, which made a small noise. Mickey woke from a dead sleep and jumped from the tree to hide behind the chair. He also saw another cat outside our window the other day, and went and hid under my bed for several hours. And yet when company comes over, he pesters them to death, and wants to go outside to meet them on the porch (which of course we’ve never let him do). Meanwhile, Jack, his adopted brother, who used to hide from everyone except me, now thinks nothing of crawling into company’s lap…and he DID have a traumatic childhood, coming from god-knows-what-possible kitten mill. So you just never know how they’re going to turn out.

      • Very true, you just don’t know! lol. I was wrong. I think Mickey must take after me. The older I get, the more jumpy I am. Now when a sudden noise startles me, I’m worse than the cats. Do you think I’ve been living with cats for too long?

  16. Happy birthday dear Simba Kahn. You are a gorgeous fluffball. 32 children is an admirable accomplishment. Plus they all all beautiful. I can hardly wait to see the next litter of sweet babies. Then again, will I be able to “resist”? Little Molly and Missy Boo are currently doing just fine. I hope Simba will get some birthday treats today.

  17. popponessetbandit

    ♪♪ Happy Birthday to you, Simba Kahn ♪♪ Beautiful Kitty ♬

  18. A very big Happy Birthday for the 24th March.Hugs and pats to a beautiful boy. Well done Molly for keeping him a star.

  19. your persians are very beautiful

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