Newsy Update – way over due.

Hi all – the blog has been sadly neglected, I know.  I’ve been floating through the days, waiting to “get the new year underway” then woke up one morning to discover it’s March already.  Maybe I should be getting the Christmas ornaments out. The stormy weather has taken it’s toll on my energy level as it often aggravates the migraines, but I’ve found time to tackle quite a few projects in addition to the usual kitty chores.

Spring is nearly here!  My favorite time of the year.  The flowers are starting to bloom and the new leaves on the trees are pushing off the old.  In California, they often don’t have time to completely fall like they do on the East Coast.  It’s been Grooming Central here at Mythicbells.  As the days get longer and the kitties start to shed, grooming is nearly a full time job with eight Persians.  It starts first thing in the morning.  I still have my two sleeping buddies: Sirocco and Nugget.  One or both will usually make sure they are on the bedroom side of the door when it closes at night.  Occasionally, they will both have other things to do and then I’m bereft of sleeping buddies.  Of course I have plenty of stand-bys, but sleeping with any of the others would be an adventure in insomnia.  Anyway, a long way around to tell you how my day starts.  At 6 am, I put the grooming caddy on the bed and let Tiny Bear and her children in for the morning cuddle.  So I spend an hour or so brushing out the five non-breeding kitties.  The other three I’ve been confining at night in the nursery and/or the bathroom.  Lately, Simba Kahn gets the bathroom as it’s easier to clean — it’s nearing spring and virile young males must do their thing.  As it gets warmer, I may implement the cage over the cat door so that he can have the enclosure to roam in at night with the cage just inside if he wants to come in to sleep or visit with the others.

All of the kitties are doing great.  Nugget is still neurotic, but she seems to manage in her own way.  Tiny Bear is like Ma Kettle.  Remember her?  The tiny little lady flanked by her two HUGE children.  In this case, Gypsy Rose and Kalahari.  Gypsy Rose, as most of you know got a full ‘bear cut’ — she shows it off in a few photos below.  Kalahari has renewed his interest in the puff balls and carries them everywhere.  Tiny Bear is, well, tiny and exquisite.  For the first time since her adoption I think I’ve gotten a handle on her eyes, which is interesting and makes me suspicious since I’ve tried this before.  Perhaps I just didn’t do it religiously enough.   Just watch, now that I’ve bragged at how great they look, I’ll discover that it’s just a coincidence and the pollen that sets them off every year just hasn’t happened yet.  Still, I do love it when she looks so good.  I’ve been doing the same for Sirocco (my other kitty with weepy eye issues and ugly stains) and have had the same results with her.  All I’ve been doing is wetting my finger, dipping it in the eye powder and working it into the fur under the eyes EVERY DAY… really working it in and scraping out the old gunk.  You can make your own powder, or buy it and I’ll include that information below.

Sirocco still hasn’t learned to use the cat door.  And why should she?  I’m her personal door slave.  She has gotten SO cute and is so playful in the evenings.  I just love it.  Racing around and playing hide and seek.  She loves being out in the enclosure at night which means that I have to NOT forget that she’s out there when I settle everyone at bed time.

As you all know WE ARE WAITING FOR KITTENS!!  I’m now very hopeful that Sahara is pregnant.  She went into a short heat (finally) about a week ago, which may mean kittens in early May.  She’s doing great and is very sleek and silky.    Sequoia is evidently going to be a late bloomer which is fine since I’ve decided to avoid having two litters at the same time this year, so even if she does go into heat, I won’t be letting Simba Kahn near her.  Hopefully this won’t prevent her from having more heats in the late spring or summer so if all goes well, we may have a good six months of kittens this year.

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to thank all of you who inquired and worried on our behalf over the tsunami warning for California yesterday.  I live a fair distance from the coast, but in any case damage over all was minor.  We are very saddened for the Japanese people.  Our hearts and best wishes go out to Japan!  What a horrific disaster.

Below are the eye powder sources. I don’t remember which one I’m using at the moment.  A small tub of this stuff lasts a LONG time.  I usually pour a small amount in a separate jar so that I don’t contaminate the whole tub by dipping my fingers into it.  Although they don’t emphasis the anti-biotic ingredient in the commercial powder, I’m pretty sure that both contain it to some extent.  You can also buy eye solutions from these sources, but I think they are pretty much a waste of money.

Commercial eye stain powder:

Recipe to make your own:

  • 2 amoxi capsules (this is amoxicillin – same anti-biotic prescribed for humans – these are obtained from a fish supply store or online and is called FishMox – 500 mg capsules.  No Rx necessary.)
  • 2 oz boric acid powder

Gyspy Rose shows off her ‘bear cut’  (click on the thumbnail to see the larger photo) …


10 responses to “Newsy Update – way over due.

  1. I hope you get kittens too! I started reading your blog during the kittenless time, so I am looking forward to it. Your blog makes me want all your cats–maybe someday I could get a Mythicbell of my own!

  2. Ahhh Toni – just remember you are at the back of a L O N G queue of us for catnapping Molly’s kitties…

  3. Jennifer Heizer

    Gypsy Rose (Super Nanny soon, I hope) is looking quite fetching in her new bear cut 🙂 Thanks for the fantastic, newsy update. Glad you and the kitties are not too close to the shore. Oh, I can’t wait for MORE kittens!! It has been WAY too long since I’ve watched the kittycam!! Can’t wait to hear positive news that Miss Sahara is, indeed, pregnant. So sad about Japan and if anyone else follows “Maru”, who lives in Japan, he is fine and so are his humans (thank God)!! Maru is my SECOND favorite YouTube kittie after Myticbell’s kitties of course!!! 😀

  4. Thanks Molly so pleased your all safe and sound – I was concerned yesterday at the outcome of where the Tsunami may strike, a terrible tragedy for Japan, prayers and thoughts are with them at this time.
    I am sure we are all waiting for another wonderful patter of tiny paws to enlighten Mythicbells Camstream even though there is always patter of furry paws which you enlighten us with over the months for which I totally enjoy to watch.
    Good Luck Sahara and hope all goes well with your pregnancy – and Molly!! keep up the good work for being slave doorman to Sirocco LOL !!! she is a real cutie, you will have to train KF to help you. 😀

  5. popponessetbandit

    In my mind’s eye I see fluff flying around the bedroom while kitties purr….Sirocco peeking around the laptop…Kalahari racing around with red puff ball in mouth….Sequoia looking over the top of the basket at the bathroom door..Gypsy Rose swaggering with her new doo…Great post!! Let’s keep our paws crossed for Sahara!

  6. I love these newsy updates! How long until you know if Sahara is, indeed, pregnant? I’m so sorry to hear you have been dealing with migraines! I hope they leave ASAP!

  7. Thank you Molly 🙂 I also found you during a kitten-less time, so it’ll be fun to hear about Sahara’s progress (hopefully!) Glad the rest of the flock is doing well. Springtime is a fun time with just my one kitty, I can’t imagine what it’s like with your whole clan. Don’t forget to relax a little before kittens come! You deserve to 🙂

  8. Thanks so much for the update Molly, I do enjoy reading them. Hope your migraines are better now. As a fellow sufferer, I know they can be triggered by weather patterns.

    I am very glad that the tsunami didn’t cause too much damage where you are. As I said in the Kitty Cam chat room, I had this mental image of you gathering up the kitties and heading for the hills. Two years ago this month, I was in Japan and I feel so much sadness for the people there.

    It would be lovely to hear that kittens are on the way. For those of your followers who havn’t yet experienced ‘kitten time at Mythicbells’, you have a real treat in store. I’m keeping everything crossed for Sahara. 😀

  9. Hi Molly,

    Wonderful post. I surely hope that Sahara will be having babies. I can hardly wait to see them. It’s hard to believe that next month our little Molly will be a year old. All of us really enjoy reading your blog and I hope you continue to write regularly. It would be wonderful if another litter would come along later in the year. My families prayers are with the Japanese. It’s an inspiration to see how they care for the children and seniors. The whole world should take a lesson.

  10. Oh Molly, I am so sorry about your migraines. I get them down here in Florida when the weather changes. I can hardly wain for the kittens. Last year was so much fun!!

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