Preferred ‘safe’ hiding places among the Mythicbells Clowder

In response to a question generated by the last post:

Preferred ‘safe’ places for the Mythicbells Clowder:  cuddled on the chair is a new one, and they looked so cute there, I ran for the camera … safe places vary.  There are a few they keep secret to this day but a few of the well known safe places are: the kitchen cabinets – Simba Kahn, under the bedspred upstairs – Kalahari, under the skirts of the bedspread on the floor – Nugget, in the kitten play box (the one painted like the new floor) – Nugget and Simba Kahn, sometimes just the top of the stairs suffices for the lesser frights – Tiny Bear and Sirocco.  Under the couch and under the bed were huge, but both of those have been blocked off since 2004.

5 responses to “Preferred ‘safe’ hiding places among the Mythicbells Clowder

  1. How did you block off under your bed? I have had a platform bed so I never had to worry about it, but starting Friday, I will have a regular bed and would prefer it if P & Z didn’t hang out under there.

    • It’s going to depend on the bed, but what worked for me is 1″ x 8″ boards … it blocks it off perfectly… some construction required – the boards go to the posts at the headboard, but inside the foo tboard posts so a corner piece is screwed on the end of each side board, then a third board which is easily removed is ‘clipped’ across the opening, so I can open it if I need to.

      • I’m only going to have a bed frame, so I’m thinking doing something like you did will be kind of impossible. It’s only going to be a full bed so I guess if I need to get one or both out, I can just move the bed.

  2. Thanks for providing such lovely detail as to ‘safe places’ , Molly.

    I knew you’d told us (long ago) but it had slipped off my current brain cell.
    I also remember you showed us fottage of KF in the cupboard (reluctant to come out because playing there I think), and possibly SK in there too…

    Many thanks Bobin.

    • The ORIGINAL cabinet cat was Gypsy Rose … for her it was just a fun thing to do so she taught it to the boys. KF loves banging the cabinet doors and occasionally he goes in, but it’s a game for him. The only one who uses the cabinets routinely as a hiding place is Simba Kahn.

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