Scared kitties …

A really loud hot-rod went by outside — the kind that sets your teeth on edge and makes you wish you had your uzi handy.  It scared all the kitties and this is where I found brother and sister, Gypsy Rose and Kalahari:


20 responses to “Scared kitties …

  1. Great photo… love the look in their eyes.

  2. Awwwwww the poor dears. Their eyes are so wide opened. I just want to give them a big hug! (=^-^=)

  3. Well, I’m glad you are seeing the photo… hurrumph … it’s not showing for me on either computer. I’ve had computer gremlins (or Sirocco) at work…. bed time…

  4. That is a lovely photo !!! I would have been frightened also.
    Just one thing Molly – what is an ‘uzi’? 😀

  5. Awwwwwww♥♥

  6. We call that look “worried” at our house, or “getting square eyes.” Poor kids!

  7. Maggie – you are SO uneducated in the arms trade…
    Its an Israeli manufactued submachine gun…
    Perhaps you prefer AK-49 or Armalites?

    Poor kitties – I entirely concur with Molly’s reaction.

    Molly – when you awake and once the kitties are fed, happy and purring again, and once YOU are breakfasted, happy and purring again, can we have details of the prferred ‘safe’ locations for each of the whole brood, please?

    • hmmmm… thinking on preferred ‘safe’ places… cuddled on the chair is a new one, and they looked so cute there, I ran for the camera … safe places vary. There are a few they keep secret to this day but a few of the well known safe places are: the kitchen cabinets – Simba Kahn, under the bedspred upstairs – Kalahari, under the skirts of the bedspread on the floor – Nugget, in the kitten play box (the one painted like the new floor – Nugget and Simba Kahn, sometimes just the top of the stairs suffices for the lesser frights – Tiny Bear and Sirocco. Under the couch and under the bed were huge, but both of those have been blocked off since 2004.

  8. Jennifer Heizer

    Safety in numbers!!!! Happy to see brother and sister stick together when something scary happens; KF protectively on the outside 🙂

  9. Poor babies.

  10. Awwww…. bless….. their faces say it all. They just about fit on that chair together with all that fluffiness between them.

  11. on the subject of scared Kitties. This is one of my favorite videos.

    Catnip party EXPLODES

  12. So where DO you keep your uzi, Molly? In one of the cats’ hiding places? LOL! Poor babies!

    My furry kids get spooked when the doorbell rings, and so do I. It’s really obnoxious and I’d like to replace it. It’s not a nice “ding-dong” sound.

    • My really SERIOUS pet peeve is the doorbell sound in TV commercials. I know they put those in to get may attention – I guess it works!

  13. Gypsy Rose looks panicked!

  14. LOL!!! Looks like they are intensely watching a horror movie! What a pair of furry love!

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