The kitties’ new playground

This is what I’ve been busy doing the past few days.  It’s a sheet of vinyl cut 6 ft sq, flipped over.  The design is painted on the back of it, then varathaned over to make a colorful floor covering:


7 responses to “The kitties’ new playground

  1. Looks great, Molly. Interesting choice of medium, too. I hope the kitties are properly impressed.

  2. Molly…

    Your creativity knows no limits! That looks amazing and watching you create it was fascinating! You have very lucky kitties!!!

    ~Mindy 😀

  3. It’s enchanting, it’s delightful, it’s wonderful…perfect for Mythicbells kitties!!

  4. I saw this the other morning when I popped in to kittycam, not sure who was curled up in the basket – but I must say the colours looked amazing layed out on the floor 😀

  5. We have been SO privileged to watch you create it. Thanks.
    It is SO rare to see an artist (artiste?) at work.

    As to its design – its amazing. I REALLY like it.

    Many of us think it would be really marketable in a large variety of ways
    – as coasters/mats…
    – as pictures/prints / cards (calendar?)
    – and certainy as a jigsaw

    Pity that now varnished, it reflects in the lighting on webcam, but obviously necessary to protect from kitty feet, dirt and offerngs…

    A stunning addition to the playroom – and viewership rightly shot up whilst you were at work.

    Has kept us all agog and bubbling as to what shape or colour would ome next.

    Thanks million – Bobin

  6. Awesome Molly!! Can’t wait to see the little “pitter-patter” of kittens scuttering about on the new playground 🙂

  7. Have been watching this develop too. It looks great!!
    Saw Sequoia and Kalahari giving it the once over the other day. I wondered if Kalahari might have offered a helping paw seeing that he did such a good job with the bathroom refurbishment! 😀

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